Whitesburg KY

Audrey Brown visited here on Memorial Day weekend

Big Cowan

Late happy birthday to Joe Maggard of Cowan, on May 29. He said he is in his 40s. Audrey Standifer Brown was in from Charlestown, Ind., for a Memorial weekend. She came to church with her sister, Shirley Day, and husband Charles. It was nice meeting her.

My son, Mike, has been in the hospital with problems with his diabetes. Keep him in your prayers.

Pam Fields Taylor had some tests done, and everything was OK, thank God.

Ronald Fields and his wife were in over the weekend from Greenfield, Ind. Sorry I didn’t get to see them this time around.

I made it up to the cemetery and decorated the graves; either I’m getting older or that hill is getting steeper. Anyone who has been on the Obie Fields Cemetery hill knows what I am talking about. All of the graves were nicely decorated.

The American Legion or the VFW, I’m not sure which, shot over the graves and played “Taps” on Sunday afternoon. I did not see any families up there at that time.

I remember the graveyard used to be full of people when they came up to play “Taps”, especially when the late Grant Miles used to come up there.

I always enjoyed when they played “Taps” with a bugle. Now they use a recorder. It doesn’t have the same effect, but it’s still nice!

Melinda Daniel and my son, Mike, got invited to her dad, Brack and Linda Sexton’s for supper May 22. They had a real good supper and fellowship.

Their other two daughters, Brett and Stacy, Buddy and Marty and their granddaughter, Delilah, Linda’s brother, Gillis Dollarhide, and niece Katie Dollarhide and her two children, Maggie and Dylan, were all in attendance. After dinner some of them went to Steve and Rena Dollarhide’s graves.

Memorial weekend is a sad time, but also a good time to remember those who have gone on before us, and also a time to remember all of our fallen heroes and those who are still serving to make our country a better place to live. May God bless each and every one, and my hat goes off to you and all of you are in my prayers.

When you see a soldier or veteran, stop and give them thanks for our freedom.

Kim Fields Hoskins was over from Oneida to spend time with her dad, May 26. I saw her briefly. Maybe we will catch up on her next visit.

Well, Helio won the Indy 500. As I told you before, he is my favorite. This is his third win at Indy, and the first time in seven years. Way to go, Helio.

My granddaughter, Rebecca, won $15 for picking him as the winner. She will be 14 years old on June 15. Have a happy one, Baby Doll. I hope you get to come down soon.

They got out of school on May 29, and they all three passed.

Ash will be a sophomore, Rebecca will be in the eighth grade and Michaela in the fifth. They sure are growing up. The older they get the more expensive gifts they want.

My husband and I went sightseeing in Bo Gap. It is pretty over there, but we could not get our car all the way through. We will have to go back on a four-wheeler or truck.

Irene Day has been hurting in her back, but is doing better now.

Some of Willard Maggard’s children were home on Memorial weekend.

Anna Lou stated that Bobby Gail has a new grandchild. Congratulations!

I got an invitation to Dee and Sammy’s household shower on June 14 at 2 p.m. at the Cowan Community Center.

Deidra Fields and Sammy Gibson will be getting married in July at the Old Regular Baptist Church on Cowan.

I guess Wayne and Missy will be glad to get her out of the house! Just kidding! I hope you both will be happy.

Jimmy McIntosh celebrated his birthday on May 31 at Dairy Queen with family and friends. I hope you had a good one.

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