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Autumn colors are glorious this year

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Jessica Nottingham is pictured at Lucas Oil Stadium, taking a class for extra credits at Northern Kentucky University. She is in her second year of college, receiving a four-year fully-paid scholarship at NKU. She is majoring in music and to become a Spanish teacher. She is the daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham, and granddaughter of Rose Ballard.

Jessica Nottingham is pictured at Lucas Oil Stadium, taking a class for extra credits at Northern Kentucky University. She is in her second year of college, receiving a four-year fully-paid scholarship at NKU. She is majoring in music and to become a Spanish teacher. She is the daughter of Scott and Anna Nottingham, and granddaughter of Rose Ballard.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

As I start this column dawn is breaking. Oh how wonderful to be able to see across the green hayfield once again. The trees are almost bare except a few that are close to the houses on the roadway across the field. I don’t know if they are oak trees or what, all I know they are huge and glorious in colors.

In the open field that Hamilton County Park owns, there must be a hundred small trees that are so vibrant. They seem to have multiplied from last year. I hope you are able to get out and about to enjoy the beautiful fall colors that has definitely turned everything into the meaning of God’s coloring book.

It has been a couple of weeks since I was in the mountains of eastern Kentucky that will always be home in my heart. The memories of Kentucky, and especially Virginia, mountains are embedded in my brain and heart and soul. I wish I had pictures that did it justice. My niece Sue Hall took a few on Little Shepherd Trail.

You would think I’ve never experienced autumn before. This year has been more beautiful than I can ever remember.

Have you started to plan your Thanksgiving dinner? I hope you can afford a turkey with the trimmings this year. Our local Kroger’s had turkeys on sale so I bought a small turkey, then realized I didn’t have room in my small freezer which is above my refrigerator. I decided to ask Ann Calihan if I could put the turkey in her freezer, so that is where it will be for a few days. For the first time in a long time I wish I still had a freezer in the basement as it has been many years since I’ve had one. With the price of groceries, especially meat, I don’t know how people with big families afford anything but food.

Beechwood Tigers Marching Band traveled to Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Ind., to participate in the Band of America. Bands from all over the states perform in this event. A few years, I had the pleasure to attend with my daughter Anna, Scott and Kyle to see Beechwood Tigers Band with granddaughters Sarah and Jessica in the band. Here we are supporting Beechwood Band once again, except this time with my granddaughter Kate Nottingham being drum major. This to me is so precious to see Katie climb the steps to take the stand. It is also sad to know this will be the last year that I will ever attend an event, as Katie is a senior. In a few months Katie’s life will change as she will have opportunities that only come once in a lifetime. Not to everyone, more on that later.

While we were in Indianapolis, my granddaughter Jessica Nottingham had scheduled a class at Lucas Oil Stadium to receive extra credits for her college at Northern Kentucky University. Sarah, Taylor, Anna, and I decided to go do a little shopping while Scott and Kyle stayed at the motel. Dollar Tree was within walking distance to Best Western Motel, so of course it kept calling my name. It must have called to Anna also, as we both came out with several bags.

Our next stop was Walmart. Now this turned out to be slightly more expensive for me than Dollar Tree. Last year after about having a tree almost 25 years I threw away my Christmas tree. After doing this I really regret it. I found one at Walmart in Aurora, Ind.. When I brought it home, I didn’t think it would fit so I returned it. Then I found out my son Keith Ballard could have made it fit into the space. When Vickie Power and I went back to get it, of course it had been sold. None of the Walmart had it, neither was it available online. The Walmart in Indy had about a dozen of the same tree.

After going to all that trouble, Anna found a prelit, which I liked. Of course I didn’t take the time to really look at it. I bought it, and when I returned home I put it up. The lights are interchangeable. I guess I will keep it.

In 60 years or more I have always waited until after Thanksgiving to put up a tree. Here it is in my living room 10 days before Thanksgiving, not decorated. Who knows what I will do? May drive back to Indy to see if they still have the other one.

Early Sunday morning I looked out the window, to discover snow covering the cars. As we were leaving the motel at 9:30 a.m., it was snowing very hard fast and furious, about two inches on the ground. It was very difficult driving for Scott. When we got close to home, the snow turned to rain then a mixture, then nothing but a mist. I was planning on making the trip to the mountains for Carcassonne Community Center’s first square dance since 2019,and the last for the year. Right now my plans are very much in doubt of what to do, stay or go? My heart, soul and feet say yes, get ready and head for the mountains. For once my brain is saying, “What if it snows?”

I checked the weather prediction for the Whitesburg area. It doesn’t forecast snow. All I can say is check next week’s column to find out. If I go, and I get stuck, all I can say is I will be taking up some people on their invitation to stay with them. I may be stuck in the mountains for some time. As beautiful as it is at the present, I am tempted to finish packing and be on my way. If I don’t make it back for Thanksgiving, Keith can go to Anna and Scott’s for dinner. Keith is always telling me not to worry, he can take care of himself.

My parents lived across the road from Clarence and Flora Holliman for several years. My grandmother Betty Barton, who lived in Woodrock across the swinging bridge, was friends with them for so many years when I was child and went to visit her. Then years later my parents bought the little house between the railroad and road and lived there for so many years I can’t count until there was a tragic incident. One of the younger generation shot into my parents’ house, then set the house on fire destroying the evidence. My parents lost everything. I wish I had better memories. The property across the road is still in my parents’ names. Someone has filled it in and made a parking place. It is not worth doing anything about it

I still hold to good memories and try not to dwell on the bad, except I hope whoever fired that shot, then set the house on fire is resting in hell as my mother didn’t deserve this to happen to her.

Hello Mike and Marcia Caudill. Be forewarned I may be dropping in on you. Just kidding.

Hello Buddy, Bernice, Chuck and Mike Grubb. Bernice, I may be calling say I want to use the room that says Rose. I know you are supplied with Boost, so I will have something to drink.

Les and Pat Wagner, I miss talking to you. I hope everyone is doing alright.

Please keep Johnny and Ann Calihan in your prayers as they are still facing difficult times.

Tommy Tindell, I hope you are doing alright, and I hope to see you before long. If not, happy Thanksgiving.

It seems the clock has caught up with me again. Until next time.

Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, OH 45030 email: Bluegarassmama4@aol.com

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