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Autumn has reached its peak in southern Ohio

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone!

I sure hope you are able to be out and about enjoying the beautiful fall colors. I believe they have reached their peak and the wind and a small dab of rain have taken most of the color away.

There have sure been some beautiful pictures from Fishpond Lake on the computer.

I noticed something as I sat down at the computer to start this column, pictures of the mountains aren’t as vibrant with color, which means fall has peaked, the wind has taken down the leaves, and I am too late to enjoy beauty that doesn’t last very long. I had plans a couple of times to be in the mountains so I could see God’s coloring book, but plans have a way of not happening.

Sunday, I finally accomplished a task that should have been done, as my sonin law Scott Nottingham has been wanting chicken and dumplings for some time. I always use a whole chicken, then take the meat from the bone as Scott prefers it this way.

While cutting up the chicken, I almost added tears. As I looked down at my small wrinkled hands, it seemed as I disappeared and Mommy took my place. I could see Mommy so plain placing her butcher knife between each joint so precisely.

As I proceeded to cut the chicken, trying to pull that chicken apart was more than I could do. As I don’t have strength in my left hand due to the break, I had to result to cutting it. Mom would know just where to place the knife to cut the pulley bone, which we kids would get to break as we made a wish.

As I cut the back in two places, tears almost blinded me. When Mommy fried chicken she would always eat the back, saying that was her favorite piece. When I got older, I realized that was her way of saving the best pieces for Daddy and us kids.

I finally got everything assembled, chicken and dumplings along with sides, heading down the road and across the river to Kentucky, delivering a care package.

Now you can have a laugh at my expense as the song that my kids used to sing came into my head as I was finally on my way, over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go. Anna had to work. I am glad she had a supper waiting when she arrived home.

As I prepared supper for Anna and Scott. I made a smaller pot of chicken and dumplings for home. I had made a little too much dough for dumplings, so I heated a small skillet and baked the dough. I had seen Mom stir up biscuit dough and bake it, calling it a pone of biscuit. Keith really enjoyed a section of it while it was hot.

For those who live in my neck of the woods, you may or may not notice a change. Keith trimmed all the vines and small trees close to our fence. It really makes a difference to be able to see across the field in back of the house.

We had a hard frost so my beautiful flowers are gone. He brought in the two solar lights to put away for the winter months. The only thing, they haven’t made it to the basement yet. I set them where they will get plenty of light, then last night they came on. Keith will take the batteries out and put them away.

I made the mistake of leaving solar lights out for a couple of years. Finally they quit working. They were multicolored, of course you can’t find them anymore.

Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing as best as they can under the circumstances. Saturday their daughter Carol Dieckman took Johnny and Ann to visit Hayward Day. Everyone really had a good time. Johnny and Ann enjoyed the scenery along with the drive.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am so sick of this election garbage, bickering like two kids, making promises that will not be kept. I only have one concern, if Social Security is taken away, what will the biggest part of people do?

I can remember when certain candidates would visit Roxana. A few certain ones would give Grandma Rosa Hall money to vote for them. After they left Grandma would put the money in her little change purse she always carried in a homemade small pouch she kept around her waist under her dress. Grandma would laugh, saying I got their money now I will vote for whom I want to. Before election was over Grandma would have a little extra money.

I have heard stories where women would make gingerbread to sell at elections. That is, until the fights would begin then the women would have to leave for safety.

Dale Framer, director and producer of the mountain Minor movie, did an interview on Fox 19 television. It was so informative. Even though I have seen the movie several times, each time the scene of Mount Olivet Church at Blackey touches the very core of my being. Dad’s visitation was at Mount Olivet church in 1983. A time I will never forget.

Until I saw the movie at the theater, I hadn’t read who was in the script or where it was filmed. Dale made a CD from the music that was in the movie. November 7 at 6:30 p.m. at Renfro Valley there will be a CD release party. Some of the actors will participate in this event.

You can watch the Mountain Minor free of charge on Amazon Prime, for those who know how, but I am not that smart.

Does anyone know of persimmon trees anywhere?

I have really been enjoying Halloween and fall decorations on the computer, especially Freida Johnson’s. I haven’t felt like decorating for Halloween or Thanksgiving in several years. Actually I am lucky to get a Christmas tree up.

Hello Buddy and Bernice Grubb, I hope this finds you two doing alright.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, you better make sure you have a stack of firewood and a bag of marshmallows as you never know who may stop by and be hungry and cold.

Hello Les and Pat Wagner. Maybe the next time Tony Hale and Blackwater perform at Haddix Hall I will feel up to traveling.

Friday night I did venture to Opry Barn at Metamora, Ind. to see Ma Crow & Co. Eleanora Denning and John Schneider picked with Ma Crow and Vicki Abbott. This was such a great group. John is a very multi-talented musician as he can dance and pick at the same time.

Time is catching up with me.

Until next time.

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