Whitesburg KY

Baby born on grandfather’s birthday

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all is well.

My husband is having some health issues and I have been busy with him. Sorry for not writing news last week. Keep him in prayer.

Late happy birthdays to Stacy Breeding, who turned 33 on Oct. 9, and also Autumn Rose Dollarhide, who turned ‘sweet 16’ on Oct. 9.

Emma Sue Fegley, 9 pounds, 10 ounces, 20 inches long, entered this world at Mary Margaret Health Center in Batesville, Ind., Oct. 10 to Beth Scudder and Bob Fegley. She was born on her Grandpa Dave Scudder’s birthday. Congratulations to all. Beth is like a granddaughter to my husband and me. Proud of you, girl. Pictures are adorable, and I can’t wait to see and hold her.

We had planned on going to Indiana last week, but were unable to go because of my husband having problems. He has been in a lot of pain and went to the ER, and no relief.

Nancy Caudill Tolle had a birthday on Oct. 11. I saw her last week at Walmart. My son helped them get moved in on Kingscreek. She looks good. Late happy birthday.

Kim Hoskins turned 38 years old on Oct. 13. Late happy birthday.

Also having birthdays this week are Pat King, Oct. 17, and Letha Ann Dollarhyde, Oct. 19.

In memory of the late Tommy Tolliver, Oct. 19.

Amber and Brad Jackson married one year ago on Oct. 20. Happy anniversary.

Ann Adams, birthday Oct. 21; Ridge Landon Hays turns one year old on Oct. 22.

Hoping all the above have a great day.

I saw two of the cutest little boys the other day. Peyton Day and Jackson Cline. They were with their mommas, Hanna Boggs Day and Jessie Boggs Cline.

Then another day, their papaw, Keith Boggs, was with them all, including the dog. They were taking a walk on such a beautiful day.

Does anyone know what they are putting in beside the old Paul Mason parking lot where the Honeycutts used to live? Would be nice to have a good steak house in town. Just saying.

If anyone is looking for a house to buy, my neighbor has one for sale five minutes from Whitesburg. If you’re interested, call me at 633- 0439 and I will let them know. Thanks.

Irene and Eugene Day have had plenty of apples this year. They took some to Dr. Bielecki the other day, along with some pawpaws, and they are real good.

I have nine quarts of apples in the freezer.

My nephew brought me a jar of apple butter. Thanks, Wayne Fields. I am saving it to put in a spice cake.

I bought a jar of pickled corn and some Turkey Crawl beans at Golden Apple, and they were really good.

I usually like Granny or Greasy Beans better than half-runners. Now my favorite is Turkey Crawl. They were good and full, and like a fall bean. I had never heard of them.

Keep Glen and Dorothy Jean Miles, Tony, Carla, Joe and Destiny Maggard, and Melinda Daniel in your prayers.

Well folks, time to go. May God bless each and every one of you. Pray for someone and attend the church of your choice.

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