Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Baby goat Annabella is being bottle fed


Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well. I think I have survived the flu or whatever I had. It sure has been a bad case of something. I’m thankful to be doing well now and all my doctor reports have turned out well.

I enjoyed a call from Eva Sergent the other night. I love talking to her. She is always so jolly. She said she was 90 years old. Surely she was joking! She hopes to be getting back here before long and we’ll get together.

I also talked with Ruthie (Marcum) Rudd. We had lots of Marlowe memories to talk about.

Juanita Profitt called to tell me a man who used to work with Clyde died, Jack Hatfield. I think he lived at Benham. He visited Clyde when he was at Letcher Manor. Our sympathy to his family.

Mae Caudill of Ice has been real sick. She is some better but will probably have surgery before long. She had been in a Lexington hospital and came home Saturday. I sure hope she gets better fast.

Also, my brother Hillard Howard’s wife, Marsha, is having some health problems and is in Pikeville Hospital. So many people are sick and in need of everyone’s prayers.

My sister, Betty Tyree, and I visited Clyde at the Veterans Center. He is about the same. He’s getting real good treatment and is eating well.

I think Sandra and Billy Hatton were at their lake house this weekend. They love it down there. So does everyone who has ever been there.

My son, Rob, and I missed Billy having dinner with us last Wednesday evening, but we enjoyed a good dinner and some good visiting.

I hope everyone had a happy Valentine’s Day.

Saturday was a real nice warm day. It was good to enjoy being outdoors.

We have some beautiful baby goats; one mother had twins and they are doing well. Another one had twins the next day, but one baby didn’t make it and the mother died the following day. One baby survived and we’ve been bottle feeding her and she is doing well and is so cute! My great-granddaughter named here Annabelle. The name suits her. She makes us laugh just like our friend Annabell Wright makes Clyde laugh. Annabell Wright, you will have to come see her.

Jeff Stidham, I enjoyed seeing the pretty picture of you and your wife in The Eagle. I put the picture in my scrapbook. We are proud of you as I know your mom and dad, Wanda and Harrison Stidham, are. I watched both of them grow up.

I don’t know who put the article in Speak Your Piece last week about Wendy and Kevin Day, but I sure appreciated it and it is certainly true. They are two of the best.

We had youth service at our church on Saturday night and it was amazing! It was hard to find a parking place and also a seat once you got inside. It was so great to see so many young people from lots of churches. It was a night to remember. Our pastor, Bro. John Conn, and all the congregation really appreciated all the support of all the churches that attended.

We offer our sympathy to the ones who lost loved ones. Chalmer Engle, who was at Letcher Manor, died. I had known him and his wife, Goldie, for many years when they lived in Long Branch, close to the late Bill Long and his wife, Dorthy, who I think was Goldie’s sister.

Also, Sophie Sandlin Couch died. She was the widow of Dock Sandlin. They were members of Whitco Church and were loved by everyone. I remember watching their daughter, Bonnie, grow up.

I’ve enjoyed these warm days, but it was raining Sunday and the wind was really blowing hard. It may be bringing us a change in weather.

I’m sorry my news has been so boring for a while. I feel like I should apologize every week. I just haven’t been getting out much.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able, and smile, God loves you!

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