Whitesburg KY

Baby shower held for Caleb and Erica Howard


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Are we having another little winter, maybe redbud? It was sure cold on Sunday morning. The redbud trees are so pretty, I’m not going to complain about the weather. Out along the highway I can see why someone wrote a song, “God’s Coloring Book.” The pink and green and some white mixed in sure makes some pretty scenery.

My brother, Hubert Howard, said he met some folks on Linefork that once lived at Marlowe, Coy Cornett and Goldie Cornett. Hubert enjoyed visiting with them.

We were sorry to hear of the death of Roger Breeding of Isom. My pastor, Bro. John Conn, said he cut his hair about two days earlier. He was a well loved barber. I remember when my grandson, Chris Hatton, was a little boy I always took him there to get his hair cut. Roger was good with the children and played with them till they didn’t mind him cutting their hair.

Bobbie (Miles) Bowman had knee surgery last week. I hope she is doing well.

Alice Conn, Pat Branham, Carlos Fugate, Ralpha Adams, and I went to Trinity Church in Hazard to hear Bro. Don Rich preach. He was in revival there. We enjoyed it. I had heard a lot about him but had never met him. There was a very large crowd there. I was glad we got to go.

There was a great baby shower at Cowan Community Center for Erica and Caleb Howard’s baby girl expected in May. She will certainly be a well dressed little girl, with all the pretty gifts awaiting her. The Howard family keeps on growing.

There was a beautiful wedding for Bryan Howard and his pretty bride at the First Baptist Church in Whitesburg on Saturday. Bryan is the son of Greta and Keith Howard. We wish them a long, happy life together.

I have two new baby goats, twins. They are four day sold, white, and very pretty, real small and cute, but not as cute as Annabell!

Our friend, Kevin Adams, says he reads The Eagle every week, hoping to see some pictures of his grandfather, Sam Baker’s, family. I don’t have any. If anyone out there has pictures of Brown Baker’s family, I’d love to have some. Sam and his dad, Brown Baker, worked at Marlowe Mines with my husband, Clyde, and also my dad, Bill Howard. People sure like to see the old Marlowe pictures. I get a lot of calls and letters. It has gotten me in contact with a lot of people. I love that!

I called my friend, Anna Watkins, in Florida the other evening. I didn’t reach her. I left her a message. I hope she is doing OK.

I always know what’s going on with my friend, Roberta Willie. We talk real often and she is a great one for sending cards just to say hello. Ain’t that nice? I’m not as thoughtful as she is.

I’ve been getting some yardwork done. My grass is coming up real pretty and I hope to get a walk put in before long and get rid of the mud.

Our church had a yard sale on Saturday. I think it went pretty well. We’ve been having some work done on our church, wallpaper and paint, and we are going to have some tile put on the floor downstairs. It’s really looking good. We have a pretty church and we are proud of it.

I was sure torn up when I read in the paper about those 31 horses starving to death and about the two hunting dogs being shot. Clyde used to have some dogs that looked just like that. When they tree something, they stay there till someone comes. I’m sure the owner is really sad that it happened. I’m an animal lover and I sympathize with anyone that loses one.

It was good seeing Marsha Howard of Pikeville at the wedding Saturday. She has had so much trouble with her legs. I’m glad she is doing better. She is a super nice person. My little brother, Hillard, is lucky to have her and I guess I have to say she is lucky to have him.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Paul Dent who used to live here. I didn’t know him as well as I did his brother, Benny Dent, and wife Judy, but I knew the whole family.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

I’m sorry I didn’t have any pictures this week.

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