Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Baby shower is chance to catch up on talking


Hello, everyone. Hope you are all doing well. Are you all enjoying this great weather we are having? I sure am, after all the cold weather we had. I love being outside even when I am doing some work. I have a lot of yard work I want to do.

We had a nice baby shower at our church for Rhonda (Conn) Amerson. She got lots of nice gifts and we got some good food and most of all, I got to see some friends we hadn’t seen in a while. It was good seeing my former neighbors, Geraldine Fields and her sister, Irene Hicks, and their families. I sat between my cousin, Ida (Howard) Hatton, and Henrietta Absher, and we had lots of talking to catch up on.

I saw Rosa Collier at Food City and she said she and her husband, Ralph Collier, had been to see a Kentucky ball game and saw them win over Tennessee. She said they really enjoyed it.

I also saw Geneva Ison of Kingdom Come. It was good talking to her. I hadn’t seen her in a long time.

My sister, Betty Tyree, and I visited Clyde at the Veterans Center. Clyde is doing about the same. Betty visited with Bob Gross and he was doing very well. They take real good care of their people there. I’ve made friends with lots of the wives there and always enjoy seeing them. I think everyone there knows my name by now. They enjoy visitors.

One of our church ladies, Lisa Honeycutt, has purchased a flower shop on Dry Fork Road. It was formerly Caudill Florist. She will do well. She is really talented. She has done some pretty decorating at our church. We really appreciate her.

My sister, Judy Greene, is in here visiting. I haven’t seen her yet, maybe I will today. I was gone yesterday.

We have some folks needing prayer: Arnold Ray Conn, Danita Conn, Robbie Conn, Brenda Adams. Remember them.

Creda Isaac called me the other day. She wants me to get some pictures for the Historical Society for a new book. She wants pictures of Marlowe people. Maybe you can help me with some of yours.

I visited my brother, Charles Howard, at the Carpet Store the other day and enjoyed seeing him. I love my family.

My grandson, Chris Hatton, and wife Sara and their children, Beau, Brooke, and Gracie, spent last weekend at the lake, but their kids got sick on them. They enjoyed being there but came home early.

I have a problem with my right hand getting numb on me when I write, so sometimes it may be hard for the

Eagle workers to read it.

I missed a call from my friend, Eva Sergent of Lexington. I was at church. A great big hello to you, Eva, you are a good friend. When Clyde was in a Lexington hospital, she called and wanted to come get me to stay at her home. I never forgot that. I told her I had a hotel room. That’s what I call a true friend. I try to see her every time she comes in here.

Well, I better get up and get busy. May God bless all of you. Hope you will be in church this week. I sure look forward to mine.

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