Whitesburg KY

Bach Court crew gathers

Memorial Weekend was very hot days.

After it cooled down Sunday evening, Shirley Lucas, Mahala Banks, Lydia Hall, Cody Baker, Torrence Holbrook, Torrence Holbrook Jr. and his girlfriend Christy and her daughter Katelynn, Norman Banks and some of his family, were all gathered out at the picnic table at 84 Bach Court.

The only thing missing was a grill with hot dogs and a big, fat watermelon.

Shirley Lucas had company Saturday night. Her granddaughter Lakota Collins spent the night.

The Harvest Baptist Church is having a yard sale on Saturday, June 2. They will also be serving hot dogs.

Shirley Lucas and myself watched the soldiers shoot over the graves. It was really good. I hadn’t seen it done before, but it was good. People forget too easily why we’re free in this country. It’s all the soldiers who have fought and died, and those still serving today.

Rev. Tony Brown and his wife Carol went to Haiti this past week. Ladies from our church made dresses for the children at the orphanage there. I think that’s a blessing from God.

Norman Banks and Torrence Holbrook are enjoying the new concrete ramp with their Power Chairs. I think that’s great that the Housing Authority fixed and filled in around the porches so everyone can get in and out.

My dog Charlie has become the neighborhood dog. He pays a visit to Jerry Hall’s apartment and gets his daily pieces of ham. I was wondering why he was getting so fat. Then Luvie Blair takes him for a ride every day. The dog is spoiled rotten.

It’s pretty fun around here sometimes. Forrester Brown plays some old Hank Williams on his guitar.

Thelma Halcomb is going to have a birthday party at the gazebo June 9. You all come around. There will be plenty of music, good food and good singing.

I think the Housing Authority should put some big flowerpots in each corner, with some trees in them for a little shade — but mostly for looks.

I hope everyone had a great weekend even though it’s been a scorcher.

We always gather around the picnic table in the evenings if anyone wants to stop by.

We have two new city police, Officer Newsome and Officer Caudill. They are pretty nice folks.

I hope everyone has a safe week. God bless all.

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