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Bach Court gets concrete

Bach Court

Mountain Harvest Baptist Church had a cookout August 7. They had all sorts of great food. The grilling was done by the pastor, Seth Collins. Everything was just so good.

76 Bach Court got concrete poured from porch to porch so everybody can use their power chairs. The workers were Pete Cornett, Forrester Dickerson, Mark Cook, Brian Cook, Eddie Niece, Travis Wright and Doug Niece. They did a great job and the place looks really nice.

Happy birthday to John S. Cornett in Tennessee, Ryan Roark in Tennessee, Terriena Adams Sparks, and Charlene Holcomb. Happy birthday, you all.

Should be a fun weekend coming up. Riverside Days start August 17. There’s always fun when the fall festival days start around town. It gives this dead county something to do and look forward to.

There used to be a movie theater that stayed packed. It closed. There used to be a skating rink. It closed. So everything enjoyable has been shut down. Take Virginia or Hazard or Pikeville, look at all the money that goes out of town. Amazing.

God bless until next week.

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