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Back to spring sweater weather

Today is July 1 and we have gone back to early spring sweater weather. In fact, nights are so cool I had to put the blanket back on our bed which had been removed when the weather was so hot both day and night. We have had several pretty bad storms, one Sunday in which we lost our electricity for a couple of hours, something that doesn’t happen too often.

Need to clarify something in the June 23 issue of The Mountain Eagle.
I wrote about seeing some dear friends at Little Pilgrim Home Church in Ruggles, Ohio, Jonny and Audrey Bentley. They are a very special couple, whom we only met a few years ago and we love them dearly, but they are not son-in-law and daughter of Ralph and Leona Caudill. As far as I know they aren’t even related, though they do have a lot in common. Both are from Kentucky and both now live in Michigan, they all are Old Regular Church members, and both Jonny and Ralph are preachers, at diff erent churches.

Ralph and Leona’s daughter and son-in-law are Brenda and Billy Miller. With them was their beautiful daughter, Amy. Billie is also a preacher and Brenda a church member.

I went to Stuart Robinson School with both Ralph and Leona. I have known them many years but don’t get to see them as often as I would like. Ralph is moderator of Little Edna Church in Ecorse, Mich.

We have company but only for tonight. Jeanie, Phil and Christy stopped by on their way to New York to see the new baby and plan to stop on their way back as Phil and Jeanie both have to take a break on a long trip. It is so nice having them and we’ve been talking up a storm. They brought me some pictures of my newest great-nephew. So cute!!

Bill and Redia stopped by awhile this afternoon; they are all doing OK. In fact, Jeanie looks better than she did when I was down Louisville way in October 2009. She’s still having trouble with her arms. She’s a slow healer.

Red and I went to Little Edna Church the fourth Sunday in June. We didn’t know it was their union meeting. They had a good service and some beautiful singing. There were several visiting preachers, Moses Bentley (Big Mose) from Michigan, Charles Blevins, also from Michigan, and Wayne Sartin from Antioch, Louisville.

Our garden is really looking good now, must be the kind of weather we are having, a combination of rain, warm sunshine and coolness. My potted cucumbers are really growing. I’m hoping they will grow up the post I have them close to. Looking good, and I saw two peppers on the plants and the ‘maters are beginning to set on. We got everything out later than usual. Should have planted some ‘taters as they are one of my favorite dishes, anyway one can fix them.

Had a good phone visit with Gladys Smith in North Carolina. Like me, she didn’t make it to Letcher County Memorial weekend. I do hope both you and Pete are well, Gladys. Want to say hello and hope you are feeling better to Gladys’s brother who lives in Partridge. I must apologize, I wrote his name and address and seem to have misplaced it. I made the mistake of straightening my stuff and now I have trouble finding what I want, shoulda known better.

The Adams family just left to go visit awhile with Richard and Georgia. Christy wanted to get her hair trimmed and as Georgia is a beautician, it worked out well.

Hello to Bobby Joe and Madonna Pass. I do hope this finds the two of you doing well and wishing you both a healthy happy summer. Have been missing hearing from you.

Howdy to Oma Hatton and Rose Ballard, hope you are both feelin’ fit as a fiddle and, Rose, I really do hope your back is much better and hope you do get to go down home. Have a safe and happy trip and tell Mattie I said howdy. I really liked her the one and only time I got to meet her.

Getting close to time when this will be on its way. So in closing, wishing everyone lots of happy days and a perfect summer. Do hope all had a great Fourth of July. Love and prayers to all.

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