Whitesburg KY

Backs celebrate 37th anniversary

My sympathy to the family of Lisa Gibson of Isom. She died on Wednesday, Feb. 8, at the Holston Valley Hospital. Lisa was in a car accident on Saturday at Isom. She never regained conscious Lisa was 44.

Happy anniversary to my uncle and aunt, Dorse and Debbie Back of Elk Creek. It is their 37th. Dorse, Deb, Brandie and Sarah went to Johnson City to shop and eat out.

My mom, Jean, had to be taken to Whitesburg Hospital by ambulance early Saturday morning. She was having problems with high blood pressure and was so dizzy she couldn’t walk. She came home with some medicine and rested, and by that evening, thankfully, she was feeling better. She is going to her regular doctor Monday to be checked out. She and my dad, P-nut, also went to Lexington last week for Dad’s doctor’s appointment. He is having some problems with his feet swelling.

Bruce Gilley of Letcher had four bypasses last week and was up and sitting the next day and doing really well. I’m so glad he went through his surgery okay. He was at Hazard Hospital. He got to come home Saturday. His son Matt has been doing the preaching for him at their church.

My sympathy to the families of Alamander Blair of Kingscreek. He died on Thursday, Feb. 9. His late wife Billie was one of my favorite teachers when I was in grade school. He was 65.

Sympathy also to the families of Ella Jean Collins of Blackey. She died on Feb. 6. She was the widow of James Bud Collins. She was 83.

Happy birthday to Bethany Maggard of Crases Branch. It is on Feb. 12. Paula Pratt of Blackey has one the 14th, and Don brown of Lexington, formerly of Jeremiah, has one Feb.16.

J.B. Shepherd of Indianapolis is in the hospital. He is having problems with his sugar. He is the son of the late Verlon and Pauline Shepherd of Blackey.

Happy birthday to K.P. Pridemore of Jeremiah. It’s on the 11th. And happy anniversary to him and his wife Lana. It was their 28th on the same day.

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne is home from the hospital. He got to come home one day last week and is doing a lot better. He has such a hard time. I love it when his wife Freda says he will sing gospel songs to her. I think that’s so sweet. Blackey

Dena Couch of Linefork went to the neurologist and was told the tumor was not what was causing her bad headaches and it was not a problem right now. It was not big enough to cause the problem, but they will keep an eye on it so they will need to run more tests to find out what is causing the headaches. I hope they can help her soon. She has been in a lot of pain with them.

Cora Gilley of Premium was 88 years old on Feb. 13 Belated happy birthday wishes to her.

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