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Bad economy may lead to dam

In a couple of days we will begin the July 4 weekend. A time to celebrate our freedom.

But for many it will not be a time to celebrate because of so many people out of work, many of them with no hope of ever getting to go back to their jobs.

For those not out of work I would like to say, “Count your blessings,” because things are only going to get worse instead of better.

Our economy as gone to the dogs with no let-up in sight. People have gone about as far as they can go in debt with no way to dig themselves out.

But most of them didn’t believe something of such magnitude could occur and now they must come to rips with what is really happening. Part of the situation is the coal industry is in is due to the fact that coal has gotten so costly it can’t be afforded. So now they will use those huge stockpiles they have acquired.

If people think everyday necessities are high now, just wait a little while. ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet.’

The economy in this neck of the woods depends almost entirely on our coal industry, and when it is gone they will build their Kingdom Come Dam they wanted to build about 50 years ago.

They built the Carr Fork Dam and it isn’t the main river. If I remember right, the water level at Isom for instance, would be twothirds of the way up Garner Mountain, which means the areas like Roxana, Kingscreek, Smoot, Colley, Isom, Blackey, Letcher, Jeremiah, Colson, and I could go on and on, would all be underwater.

The natural gas and oil could be diverted by pipelines but not the coal. Even though people cried out in loud voices against the dam being built, I would venture to say that the coal industry was, and still is, the reason it hasn’t been built.

Well so much for my opinion on the economy and the demoralization of the country, folks.

Before you who can head out on the highways this weekend, be sure to make preparations for emergencies which always seem to occur at the least opportune time, and always carry plenty of cold liquids.

Believe it or not, you can do without food a lot longer than you can liquids.

Always remember that you are not the only driver on the road. Always obey the law concerning courtesy, speed, distance between vehicles, warning signs, emergency vehicles, anything that would impair your senses, license, insurance, registration, vehicle defects and I could go on and on.

Remember also that our troopers have real good eyesight and sensitive noses, so don’t try to fool them, because it won’t wash.

I don’t wish anyone any bad luck, but if you drive impaired I hope you get the book thrown at you, because I have a hard time finding any sympathy for anyone who drives impaired in any form.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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