Whitesburg KY

Bad memories are seldom forgotten

Sometimes as we go along our journey through life we may pause for a few moments and look back over our hills and valleys along the way. Some things we see have left a bad taste in our mouth, and yet a lot of good memories are back there too.

Things which leave a bad taste in our mouths are seldom ever forgotten, even in the worst of times. A good memory may fade from sight for awhile, but then we see our old footprints in the dust and the memories come flooding back.

One such bad memory along my journey through life just won’t go away even for a little while. I went to a friend’s house because he and I were going somewhere, but when I got there, they were eating. So I just stood there and waited for him to finish eating, hoping to be invited to eat with them, which didn’t happen. I was standing behind the boy’s uncle while waiting, when all of a sudden he started cussing me as if I was a dog for standing behind him while he was eating. I was glad to get out of that house and I never went back. This man has been gone for many, many years but he sure left some crooked tracks in the sands of time.

Another member of that same family always kept the fire going in the furnace for a local merchant. Some of the older fellows who smoked would ask him for a match to light their cigarette. Every time they asked him if he had a match, he would say, “Now I just struck my last one.” Soon afterward he would roll a P.A. and light it with a match after just saying he just struck his last one. I really didn’t thing very much about it at the time, but over the years I have often wondered if that old man was that stingy or was he afraid the fellows would burn something other than a cigarette? Either way, he lied again and again over a thing as small as a match.

I have always loved bananas when they get so ripe they turn almost black. The merchant where the old man kept fires would always lay any unsold overripe bananas on top of the paper he was burning. One day I decided if I could figure out what time he burned his trash, I would get me some bananas. So I figured out that he did his burning just before closing time. He would light the fire and go back inside through the back door, the same door he came out. So I would hide and seek around the corner and watch him go through his usual routine. After I got the hang of it I could snatch those bananas out of the fire before they even got warm, usually only two or three. I never did have the money to buy any and I got them in this manner for free. He would rather burn them than give them away.

I guess he was a tightwad like the old man who lied so many times over a thing as simple as a match. In these times people will lie over money quicker than anything else. After all, the love of money is the root of all evil. It’s not a sin to have a lot of money but if you only have $1 and put if before the Lord, that $1 can send your soul to hell as quick as a million dollars because that dollar is your God.

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