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Bad news makes times scary

I’ve been very, very sick in the last three weeks and haven’t got to get an article in The Eagle. I’ll try to get out a little news from my area in Linefork.

I am so heartbroken because of deaths of two of my dear friends, Rev. Charles Shepherd and one of my best friends and classmates, Bernice (Cornett) Baker, who lived in Indiana. We were classmates at KCHS and graduated in 1949, then we were still dearest friends until she left me.

I got a call from Glennon B. Ison, and told me the sad news. She had been sick for some time. I will miss her phone calls now. She was my husband Claude’s first cousin. They were very close as they grew up.


Charles Shepherd was a good friend and minister. He was so good to go visit the sick and preach at funerals. He was one of the preachers at Claude’s passing. He sang so beautifully and was so precious. He will be missed at his church.

Gladys will miss him, but that is one appointment we all have to keep.

My minister, Mary K. Bennett, is doing some better. I pray she will soon be able to come home to be with her children she loves so dearly. We all love and miss her at the children’s home, the Four Square Sunshine Children’s Home. She has been such a good mom to all the ones she keeps. Doris and Deloris, I know how bad you miss her.

My sister-in-law Jewell Anne was feeling pretty well when I talked to her husband Mack the other day.

My two brothers are both having bad sickness, and Emory, who lives in Sweetser, Ind., is so sick. His wife, Darlene, isn’t well either. She isn’t able to take care of him. They both need to be in a nursing home. He is 82 and Darlene is 74. I pray God will watch over them and all the sick.

Thanksgiving has been hard for me. I haven’t been able to cook. My sweet daughter-in-law Louann sent us all a big plate of food and dessert.

My two sisters and family met in Middlesboro for dinner at Cracker Barrel. They said it was good.

The news is so bad all over the world. It is a scary time. Murders and flooding and bad snow in some of the states.

I hope the New Year will bring better times. The candidates are having a ball, fussing and backbiting each other. There are too many running anyway. Only one can win, and so I hope the best one will win and know how to get this world back in better shape. It is terrible times right now.

The county is taking our center away, and it is bad to know they are broke as badly as they are. Too much has been spent on big buildings that weren’t needed and it cost too much in the first place. The big health department doesn’t seem to be doing much, and its cost was more than needed.

The Rec (Wreck) Center is for the rich and the poor can’t afford it, and senior citizens are not able to come that far to eat dinner. It would also cost too much for most of them to drive that far.

Probably the Home Church will start trying to church. We need an assisted nursing home. That would be the best thing in our county.

I love Letcher County and want to live in it for the rest of my life. I’m not trying to be mean, but I think some of the ones that caused this had their eyes in the wrong places, and didn’t think it all through.

I think we could call it Sin City, like in Louisiana. Too many drunks and drug addicts. Think about it.

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