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Bad winter is being predicted

Hello everyone!

Thanks to all who have inquired about my column not being in The Mountain Eagle. This should make up as I’ve tried to play catch up.

Southern Ohio

Oh the weather has been delightful in the Ohio Valley area although the mornings have been a tad bit chilly for me. I turned on the heat in my car as I started out on a journey to meet a friend. However in the afternoon I had to use the air conditioner. No, I am not looking forward to the cold weather, which is slowly creeping in.

I read where we are predicted to have a bad winter. It won’t be very long until I will have to get the propane tank filled as I have a small bit from last winter.

Sometimes I get aggravated when someone is putting down people who get food stamps. Yes, I will agree food stamps are abused by lots, but we never know what goes on in some people’s lives or their financial situation.

When someone will buy soft drinks then sell them for money to buy drugs with, I find that abusing the system.

My brother Richie knew a woman who would get hundreds of dollars in food stamps, and she would sell them and her family didn’t have food to eat.

Again, I know that without food stamps some people couldn’t eat. There are times I wish I were eligible when I go to the grocery store, especially as most of my shopping consist of Ensure and Nutrient drinks.

I finally received the medication that the specialist in Indianapolis prescribed for me. My daughter Anna and her husband Scott Nottingham paid for it. They ordered a three-month supply. Anna won’t even tell me the cost. It was sent from Australia, and is not government approved.

I have been taken it for almost a week, and so far I can’t see any improvement as at this moment I am very sick.

Happy anniversary to Scott and Anna on Sept. 5. This makes 24 years that Scott has put up with me.

Their daughter Katelyn Nottingham somehow was injured during band practice as something Katie was twirling, the wind caught the flag and the stick hit her in the forehead. Katie didn’t realize that she was hurt so bad and continued to practice until she started throwing up. Anna took her to the ER. Katie has a concussion. Anna said this is the second time Kate has a concussion.

Monday night Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers were playing at Haddix Hall at Hunters Pizzeria. Vicki Power and I decided to go. It had been such a long time since I had been there, I wasn’t sure if I could find it.

There was a huge crowd and as usual The Lady Sippers did a great job. Now if I can get well enough to go see Tony Hale & Blackwater Band.

Friday night Ma Crow & The Lady Slippers played here locally at the Coffee Peddler. It is the first time that I’ve been there. It is really a nice place, with a courtyard for music. There were so many pretty flowers for decorations.

Ma’s son Brandon, his beautiful wife and their fiveyear old son were visiting so they got to see Ma & The Lady Slippers.

I want to say thank you to someone who reads my column each week, and I hope I get the name right. When my niece Sue Hall was telling me about it, I didn’t write the name down, so Rob Fleming thanks so much for saying you enjoy my column.

If I have the name wrong the man is either related to, or is friends with Mart Hall’s family. Mart is married to my niece Sue Hall.

Somehow I let Johnny and Ann Calihan’s anniversary slip past without acknowledgement. I believe this makes 69 years they’ve celebrated together. So belated happy anniversary to you both.

Les and Pat Wagner have been enjoying their home away from home in the mountains. Pat called me and I was right, they did go to the mountains. Pat brought back poison ivy.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope you are doing all right.

Betty Kelly had several of her sisters from the mountains to visit her and Bill for a week or so. Betty really enjoys having them come as she doesn’t get out very much with Bill not being able to go.

Their son Barry Brown and Tina Dunn are getting married September 24. That is the day of the Letcher County Picnic or I would have loved to attend. I do know that Betty loves Tina very much.

Belated happy birthday to Bryce Caudill. Bryce enjoyed cake and ice cream at Ricky’s along with Marcia Caudill and their cousin Brenda Sue.

Ricky has a new hobby that is keeping him very busy. He has baby chickens, and he started out with six little doodles that someone gave him. Then he bought a dozen or so from someone; they are so cute.

I am thinking about getting a couple of goats to put in my yard to eat the grass.

Libby Day Smith sure brought back some childhood memories as she posted plum grannies on the computer. Grandma Hall used to raise a vine or two. Oh the smell was so wonderful. I wish I was able I would drive all the way to Libby’s just to get one or two.

I checked the pawpaw tree, where I found a few last year. This year there are only three or four on the trees. Just so I can get a couple for Ann Calihan, I will be satisfied.

Frieda Johnson said you can take me out the mountains, you can’t take the mountains out of me. Truer words will never be spoken.

Again, the Letcher County Picnic will be held Sept. 24 starting at noon at the Harrison Community Center, 300 George St. in Harrison, Ohio 45030. Please bring a covered dish and beverage. Everyone is welcome.

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