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Bands heard on Appalshop radio

Merry Christmas everyone!

Winter has finally hit the Ohio Valley area, I can’t say with a vengeance, just with a bitter cold. Once again I hate cold weather.

We have seen a few snowflakes, but nothing to complain about. It is the middle of December and we have been very lucky so far. Right about now I wouldn’t mind a bit to have my daughter Kay invite to me to go to Florida for a week or two, or three.

Thursday evening, I had planned to try to attend the Appalshop event since Sunrise Ridge opened for the Tommy Webb Band. Then on Friday evening Ricky Caudill and I were going to look at Christmas lights, and I planned to come back home on Saturday.

I have been sick again since Thanksgiving so nothing worked out for me.

With the weatherman predicting bad weather plus being sick, I decided I better stay home. I finally figured out how to listen to radio stations on this computer so I listened to the Appalshop on WMMT, but of course it had to fade in and out a little bit.

The Tommy Webb Band was very good, but it is no secret I had rather listen to Sunrise Ridge than share.

I wish there was some way WMMT would give local bands like Sunrise Ridge along with Will Caudill &Route7aspoton Thursday.

On Saturday, Ricky Caudill attended the first event at Sugar Grove Opry, at the Kings Creek Fire Department that was formerly was held on Linefork.

Thanks to those who asked about me, then saying they missed me not being at the show.

Southern Ohio

I listened to a couple of videos of Sunrise Ridge, and I am going to step on someone’s toes. When you attend an inside music event, why does anyone have to talk so loud you can’t hear the music?

I’m sure this is just local bands and you pay your admission price, so you should be able to listen to the great music.

I’ve gone to inside concerts with Larry Sparks as an example, and you do not over talk the band or you would be told to leave.

When someone is recording the bands you might like to know your conversations are also recorded!

Sunday was the Old Time Fiddlers Christmas party, and we really had a good crowd. The music was great and the food looked good.

I made a pan of scalloped potatoes which I couldn’t eat, and oh, they smelled so good and looked good too, with cheese melted on top. There was very little left, so I fixed two plates and took them to an older couple who aren’t able to come to our meetings anymore.

As I sat in their living room I thought back to the first time I met these two. Bernie and I got off on the wrong foot so to speak. I took a dislike to him as he made a remark I didn’t like, and being who I am, I fired right back at him.

A couple of years ago while we were talking, I started laughing and said to Bernie, “When I first met you I never thought I would hug you nor care for you.” That made all of us start laughing.

Bernie had a stroke a year or so ago so he can’t play his guitar anymore, so last night he sang a song for me in the privacy of their living room. I enjoyed it so much.

I am proud we worked out our differences. I am very stubborn and opinionated as some of you may know. I find some men don’t like that and that is their problem not mine, as far as I am concerned.

I was born with a brain and a mouth, and sometimes neither works too good, but I can take care of myself.

I finally have my Christmas tree up, then I decided to change the lights on it as I finally found out how to put fuses in the pre-lit strands. This is an older tree yet it is still beautiful when decorated.

I am going today to buy the fuses then finish decorating it, or I may as well start putting Valentines and string Easter decorations on it.

It seems as if I have taken more interest in decorating this year than I have for several years. Last year I spent Christmas in the hospital, and the years before that I was sick, so I guess I am trying to make up for lost time.

Mike and Marcia Caudill were the hosts of another family dinner. I hear Marcia made some wonderful oldfashioned gingerbread. I bet it was delicious. It made my mouth water just thinking about it and listening to Ricky talk about it.

Well, I am not doing too well on the thinking department this morning as my thoughts are traveling in too many directions.

Someone called my cell phone at 2:30 a.m., and scared me very badly, then they said they had had the wrong number when I answered. I’ve had one of those weird feelings for a couple of days, so this telephone call at this time of the morning, I didn’t need.

Betty Kelly got a van from Enterprise to go to Florida to get her son Barry Brown and his wife Tina. Barry was injured too badly to fly home. Barry is improving but he still has months to go, so please keep this young man in your prayers.

Les and Pat Wagner are trying to stay warm since it has decided to get winter.

I haven’t talked to Jonny or Ann Calihan this week, but the last time I did speak with Ann she said their daughter Sue is not feeling well. Please add Sue to your prayer list.

I just realized I have something that needs my attention, so until next time.

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