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Banks family holds reunion


Just a few items this week. Sometimes I just don’t seem to talk to anyone other than my own family, so if anyone has something that they want put in, please call me.

Sorry I forgot to mention that the Poor Fork Church is also helping Blair Branch to host the upcoming Regular Baptist Association meeting.

Also, I know my Uncle Dock is an Adams and not a Frazier, as it said last week.

Homer, Ruth and Anthony Smith attended a family reunion for Ruth’s family in Ohio last weekend.

The family of the late Everett and Opal Banks got together Saturday at Lexington’s Jacob Park. There were 19 of us, and we have it there so Eli’s children and grandchildren from Ohio won’t have so far to drive.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather and being together before we parted. The kids and a few adults rode the paddleboats. (A lot of work for those of us who did the peddling.)

Last Sunday, Brad Collie and Robert Holcomb attended the Northern New Home Church at Goshen, Oh. They enjoyed being with their church friends there, and also saw Rodney and Geraldine Ison’s son Kevin and Nellie Kay, who were there.

Bob Banks, Mike Eldridge and other mine inspectors spent most of last week in Lexington at a mine rescue competition. It seemed odd without Bob around the house.

First cousins Jacquie Banks Caudill and Beth Smith Pratt are both expecting their new babies to arrive this week, but you can never tell, it could be sooner or later. Jacquie came to the Banks reunion in Lexington last Saturday, and we all joked that the baby could have come that day, but all the traveling must not have speeded up the process.

We attended the memorial for deceased members of the Tolson Creek Church last Sunday. A large crowd attended, and one of the workers of the Isom IGA joined the church and will be baptized next month. They also had prayer for her little grandbaby that has cystic fibrosis.

A large crowd was there, and after a good service, dinner had been fixed for all who wanted to stay and eat with the church.

It was also regular meeting time for the Dixon Memorial Church at Sycamore Loop. Mom (Coreen Pridemore) attended there Sunday, as did a fair size congregation.

Last Friday we had hot dogs, cake and ice cream at the old Sycamore School property in honor of Noah Campbell’s 11th birthday, and oh yeah, we had his favorite Spam salad sandwiches, too. Great-grandparents Don and Coreen Pridemore and Ila Adams were able to be there with him.

Later, Liberty took Noah, Hunter Banks, Blake Stacy, and Jacob Madden to the movies and arcade at Norton, Va. Noah also had another party at the Rec Center on Saturday.

Liberty, Noah and Bonita Adams, came across Rodney Ison’s cows last Sunday while they were four-wheeling. The cows had been out of the pasture for quite some time. Apparently, someone left the gates open when they rode across Rodney’s land.

Liberty called us and we notified Rodney and picked him up in our Ranger, and headed up the hill to get them back in the fence. It went off pretty easily with Rodney calling them to follow the four-wheeler, and Lib and Noah behind them to keep them from turning back. Thankfully, all 13 cows were there and safely back in the pasture.

Linda Hatton attended the Quicksand Area Homemakers picnic held last Wednesday at Jackson. There were others who went, but I didn’t get their names. Sorry.

Also, happy 10th birthday to Gage Caudill of Spring Branch. It was on Aug. 26, I believe.

Ending on a sad note with those who died since last week:

Herman “ Pod” Caudill, a good old fellow from Blackey. We used to see him on our Sunday nursing home visits. His service was held at Mount Olivet on Sunday.

Ronnie Banks of Black Bottom, the husband of Fanny Sue. She will be so lonely. It wasn’t long ago she lost her daughter, too. His service was held at Blair Branch Church last Tuesday.

Good old neighbor Dennis Blair of Perkins Branch died on Sunday. He never seemed like he would ‘hurt a flea,’ always waving from his seat near the big picture window at all who went up the hollow on Perkins Branch. He leaves a sister, Goldie, and many nephews and nieces and friends to mourn his passing.

Also, Florence Fields lost a son, Beckham, who was only 63 years old and lived in Ohio. He was recently at the Fields Cemetery memorial service out past Carcassonne, and sat beside his mother. Our sympathy goes to his family in Ohio, and to those from here.

I seem to have stretched my notes into a fairly long column after all. Hope all have a good week.

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