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Banks family reunion draws many


The few days of cooler weather let us know that the seasons are changing.

I didn’t get a column in last week because of being at the emergency room late that Sunday night. Bonita Adams and I stayed there while our aunt, Mamie Engle, was getting admitted to the hospital. Her daughter, Bobbie, called the ambulance when Mamie couldn’t seem to walk and since Bobbie can’t see to drive at night, we took her with us. The doctor finally found out that it was Mamie’s potassium level that was too high and it was affecting her muscles. She is feeling better and her daughter, Wilma Jean, is staying to help out now.

Chuck Halcomb and “Bub” Watts had a beautiful baptism service Sunday before last. It was a nice fall day and the weather was lovely. After the service dinner was held in the Blair Branch Church kitchen for Chuck’s and Bub’s families and friends.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Combs enjoyed a recent visit from Linda’s sister, Yvonne.

Our Homemakers got together recently to tack a quilt and to have our October meeting. We did pretty well with our quilt tacking even though we didn’t remember to bring quilt clamps to hold it tight.

The George M. and Sally Banks reunion had a crowd of about 75 family members coming out to be together for the day. They had some cousins on the Banks side who came out to be with them. They were relatives of Clarence Banks.

I think this past weekend was the Back reunion.

Quite a few well known and loved neighbors have died since I wrote my last column, Pascal Dixon of Elk Creek, Lucy Watts of Taulbee, and Delmon Adams Sr., also Beulah Wilson Back of Jenkins. Beulah was a sister to Odella Blair. All of their families have our sympathy.

Recently, Ellis, Ila, Jerry and Bonita Adams, Bob and I went to the top of Blair Branch to visit with “Buzz” David and Carla Adams. We enjoyed our time together on top of the hill. Carla’s brother is visiting with them for awhile.

Last Friday, Jerry, Bonita, Liberty, Noah, Don, Coreen and I loaded up the van and went to the Natural Tunnel Park and Bays Mountain Park in Virginia and Tennessee. Noah enjoyed the train engine at Natural Tunnel most of all.

We were sorry to learn that Otis Adams suffered a bad stroke last week and is in serious condition. Not long ago his brother, Lowell, of London came up to visit him. Rodney Ison went by the hospital to check on his cousin, Otis, and was sad to see him so bad.

We hope Roy Slone of Doty Creek is feeling better after having a stent put in to help his heart.

Anna Lou Blair has been here visiting with Mary Jo Blair, Lilly Moss Hale and Tommy Harris Smith. While she was here, they visited friends and family and had dinner at Pine Mountain Grill.

Berma Matthews visited her brother, Olan Whitaker, and family in Waynesville, Ohio, last weekend. They attended the Letcher County Day picnic in Harrison, Ohio, hosted by Rose Ballard Durham. They especially enjoyed meeting Clarence Halcomb, who was best friends with their uncle, Arlie Fields, who was killed in World War II. They also visited with their cousins, Frances McIntyre Smelko and Kyle and Susan Whitaker, who live near Olan. They took in several flea markets and yard sales. Olan likes to “junk” as does Berma.

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