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Barbara and Roy Culp injured in car accident

Blair Branch

Hello all. I hope each of you is doing well and that you’re not freezing too much in this weather. We had our first snow of the season this weekend. Just a few flurries, but snow just the same.

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for snow yet. The cold weather is okay, but I’d rather just skip the snow.

Mom and Dad, Allen and Sylvania Whitaker spent Halloween weekend in Somerset at our family cabin. We missed them being at home when the kids went out to trick-or-treat. It is our yearly ritual to gather at their house and leave out together. We went ahead and made ourselves at home and followed through with our plans just like always . . . it was just diff erent, with them not being there.

My sister-in-law and a couple of our close friends brought their kids up to go trick-or-treating with the family. We had a nice time and the kids received a ton of candy.

Steve and Marcie Blair were in from Indiana recently to spend some time with Grandma, Lucy Blair. Grandma hasn’t been doing well lately, and certainly needs your prayers.

Barbara and Roy Culp were in a car accident Nov. 2. Thankfully, Roy was just sore, bruised, and shook up. However, Barbara broke her leg in four places and had to have surgery in Pikeville. I believe she was supposed to come home on Sunday, but I haven’t heard if she was able to or not. I hope she is back to normal real soon.

Jordan Adams, son of Charity Whitaker, is having problems with his kidney. He only has one and his creatine has been high. If his creatine doesn’t come down soon, they may have to put him on dialysis. That is such a rough experience for my mom. I can’t imagine a child having to go through it.

Kory Webb, son of Chalena Williams, is supposed to have surgery in Pikeville to remove a wood chip from his knee.

Virgil Combs, of Carcassonne, is back in the hospital at Whitesburg. Last time I heard, he wasn’t doing too well. I sure hope he is able to come home to his wife Freda soon.

Joyce Ison, of Isom, will be having knee surgery in Pikeville soon. She goes to set it up on Nov. 10.

Ben West, of Johnsons Fork, is also in WARH. He has been in ICU with blood clots in both of his lungs. His wife Sonja, said he is doing better and may get to come home soon.

Maxine Blair was recently in the hospital as well. She passed out, and they weren’t sure what caused it. Maxine was able to come home Nov. 4. They changed some of her medicines and it seems to be helping, according to her daughter Amanda.

Jake Halcomb was admitted to Hazard ARH with congestive heart failure on Saturday night, and his wife Wilma was taken to the ER in Whitesburg for the same thing on Sunday night. Their family has a lot going on and needs prayers. Their daughter Jamie Collins is supposed to have surgery on the 16th of November as well.

Our family has suff ered a horrible loss. Ashton Skylar Whitaker died on Nov. 4. Our precious angel was only seven years old. Ashton is survived by his father, Johnny Roy Whitaker Jr.; stepmother, Shequeenia Whitaker; mother, Candace ‘Candi’ Annette Crowe Engle; stepfather, Doug Engle; two brothers, Colton Whitaker and Cody Engle; grandparents, Johnny and Tammy Whitaker, Teresa and Nelson Hopkins, Richard Crowe, Kay Crowe, Wanda and Oral Engle; uncle, Jordan Whitaker; aunt and uncle, Crystal and Dale Farler; and special cousins, Kennedy & Madisyn Farler. A memorial for Ashton was held Nov. 5, at Dixon Memorial Old Regular Baptist Church. I speak for the entire family when I say thank you to everyone who came out to be with us in time of grief, and I ask you to please keep our family and everyone that was close to Ashton in your prayers as we struggle through this tough time.

On a positive note, Opal and David Jent are going to be grandparents again. Their son Allen and his wife Jessica are expecting a baby girl around the first of March. I wish them the best of luck.

I would like to wish belated happy birthdays to Tyra Maggard and April Whitaker on October 28; Jonathan Blair, Oct. 29; Alex Blake Whitaker, Oct. 31; Allen Ward Whitaker, November 4; Becky Back-Blair and Bonnie Lou Jent, Nov. 7; and Margaret Venkateswaran, Nov. 8.

Danna Lynn Smith will celebrate her birthday Nov. 11. I hope your day is filled with all the love and happiness in the world.

If I have left anyone or anything out, just let me know and I will be glad you get you next time. I hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. If you would like to contact me, feel free to give me a call or you may email me at alanacouch@ hotmail.com.

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