Whitesburg KY


Bradi, Jerrica and Bernard spent a weekend in Liberty with their grandparents, Verna and Chester Rayburn. Their cousins, Leah and Spencer, who live in Ohio spent, a night there. The kids were all glad to get to see each other again.

Naoma and Teddy Sturgill of Eolia, made a trip to Roanne, Ind., during the Fourth of July celebrations.

Stacy Sturgill visited her parents in Hennessey, Okla., with her boys and just made it back home a day or two ago.

The weather has been nice and sunny. The heat is just a bit more than anyone can stand for very long; it has been in the upper 80s and 90s. A few storms rolled through, which I love to listen to as long as lawn furniture isn’t blowing all over the neighborhood. That is usually an ominous sign that something nobody wants to deal with might come through taking out a few people’s electricity.

Pretty often, after a big storm, a fire truck will come rolling through the neighborhood to pump water out of someone’s basement.

I’d like to send out August happy birthdays to Judy Lee Hicks, August 15; Kevin Rayburn, August 16; and Susanna Gantner of Eolia, August 31.

Happy anniversary to Teddy and Naoma Sturgill of Eolia, August 28, and Clyde Jr. and Betty Stidham of Pound, Va., August 28.

I guess that is all the news for this week. Many activities will be going on once school starts and I’ll be adding those in.

If you would like more information about Bardstown’s historical tours you can visit www.bardstowntourism.com. Just down the road in New Haven is the Railroad Museum.

Blessings to all.

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