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Bardstown draws tourists all year


The temperatures were colder this weekend . Our weather has been really odd. Halloween was a nice 72 degrees when the kids went trick-or-treating, however the weekend before that was quite chilly.

I’d like to start with our prayer list this week. It includes Jim Hardesty, Judy Branham, Joe Durbin and also Donnie Ceuvas who was recently diagnosed with cancer at Kosair Children’s Hospital. He is the grandson of Peggy and Rev. Ike Ferguson. I would also like to add Mary Miller of Elizabethtown. Her daughter, Lena, mentioned that she fell asleep and fell out of her wheelchair and broke her hand.

Bardstown has been quite a busy place even as the tourist season slows. Soon, the town will be decorated for Christmas and people from all over the United States will once again flood the streets to partake of this historic town.

During the Bourbon Festival in September, I met a couple from California who visited that week and fell in love with the place.

The Bardstown City Schools held their annual fall festival on Nov. 8 at the Bardstown Elementary School. The kids in the community always enjoy these events.

Happy anniversary to Rudolph “Rudy” and Sue Brothers. They are a couple who attend New Beginnings Baptist Church. Sue plays the piano as well.

Happy birthdays in November go to Rachel Sturgill of Eolia, Nov. 14; Samantha Clinton- Gaffney, Nov. 6; and Ken Carder of Elizabethtown, Nov. 17.

Samantha Clinton and Johnathan Gaffney were married Oct. 24. It was a small wedding, held with a few family members in the office of the justice of the peace.

Election Day was predicted to be very busy with very long lines. I was lucky enough to arrive when the building was virtually empty. I was first in line and most of the people I voted for locally won. I’ll not get into that.

That’s pretty much all we can do. Vote and hope for the best and hope that if our guy gets in, he was the best choice.

I’ve just been informed that my friend Julie’s daughter, Darci Standridge, is the top player on the Nelson County High School girls’ soccer team. A scout recently attended one of their home games to watch Darci play.

Looks like that is all the news for this week.

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