Whitesburg KY

Bardstown is a haunted town


Hello once again from one of the top 10 most haunted towns in the U.S. Isn’t that a pleasant thought this close in the year to spooky old Halloween?

Would you believe that I already have seen Halloween candy and decorations in one of our stores? I was shocked, this is only August. Granted we are right on the end of the month, but I was simply stunned at the display being set up so early and a thought occurred to me that if people are buying the candy now, would it not be stale within two months?

The weather has been almost unbearably hot up. I’ve waited for buses with John and the girls, and it’s been very comfortable outdoors before the temperatures get too hot.

I’ve even been able to enjoy my coffee on the front porch or the little side porch, and watch the traffic roll through the neighborhood and people walking by, either headed to work wearing their DQ uniforms, walking to catch a bus, or simply more seasoned people walking for their health.

As I write this, the sun is beaming through our two front windows and it is sure to be in the upper 80s today. That’s just a guess, as I haven’t been watching any recent weather forecasts. It seems our TV is always on either Fox News or Nickelodeon.

Happy anniversary to Naoma and Teddy Sturgill back in Eolia. What has it been guys, 34 years? That’s just a guess, they usually count by how old I am.

Isn’t it funny, how so many things we calculate are by the ages of our children or nieces and nephews? I don’t know if that would be considered ‘mountain logic’ or if it is like that everywhere.

I’d like to send out early happy birthdays for the month of September to my cousins Shawn Sturgill, on Sept. 20, and Josh Hampton, both of Eolia, on Sept. 21; my friend at Mayking, Jennifer Brock, on Sept. 23; and Jeffrey Lester Jr. on Sept. 22.

There are a lot of activities and events taking place this time of year here in Bardstown. It’s a quaint little town that is rich in history from the ‘Old Jailer’s Inn’ nearby, ‘The Old Talbot Tavern’ to the Dinner Train, and several other attractions and small shops along the stone streets of the historic North Third Street. The tourist center once served as the courthouse in the early years.

You can find out more at: www.bardstowntourism.com. There will also be information on the upcoming Bourbon Festival, which is subtitled this year as ‘Angel’s Share,’ held Sept. 15-20 this year.

This term ‘angel’s share’ is given to the bourbon that evaporates from the barrels when the whiskeys and bourbons are stored in the warehouses for aging, to the flavors that those who partake of the spirits have come to expect.

There will be events, music and vendors, with great food and souvenirs, car shows, live music, plays and many other exciting events to enjoy.

The Kentucky Headhunters are scheduled to appear with three other bands at the music on the lawn behind City Hall. I attended this last year and it was a lot of fun.

Bales of hay lined the roadway to the area, and as we sat on those to watch the concert, eat pizza and do some people watching, I realized it was the first time I had been to any community-involved event since I’d moved here in 2003.

I am glad I had friends who talked me into going, because up to that point, I was more of a boring old homebody.

I will tell you, there was an awesome selection of classic cars lining the streets surrounding the Bardstown Elementary and City Hall.

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