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Mostly clear
Mostly clear

Bardstown is still waiting for snow

We are still waiting to see snow. Some of us want it, some of us don’t and I for one wanted it while the kids were on their two-week break during Christmas and now I’ve changed my mind. It has been quite a busy time with the hustle and bustle of the holidays, of course New Year’s is a little more laid back than Christmas but everybody celebrates in some form or another.

Temperatures were in the 50s on Christmas and then had dropped into the lower 20s by that Tuesday night. We saw a few sporadic snowflakes, but it was during a quick gust of wind during rain and then nothing more.

Bardstown City Schools still held their archery club practice during the vacation and school was scheduled to resume Monday with snow in the forecast on Sunday night. Bardstown

There was a robbery at a Flaget (pronounced Fla- Jay) Medical Office where several pills were discovered missing on Tuesday morning after the office was closed for four days through Christmas. Police are still investigating the scene and say there was no forced entry into the office. They suspect that the thieves was seeking pain medication, although that was not what they got away with.

There were several car accidents in the few short weeks leading up to Christmas. One resulted in a vehicle up a tree where it exploded with the driver, killing Jason Brown.

Earlier this month tests were done to determine the effects of an alcohol spill a week or so before when about 6,400 gallons of 180 proof alcohol were spilled from Heaven Hill Distillery due to valves being left open. It flowed across the parking lot and into the nearby Town Creek, which flows into a local lake. It was determined by testing that there was no adverse effects caused by the spill.

Our intersection of Bloomfield Road and Guthrie Avenue was blocked when a tractor-trailer slid off the rain-covered road and into someone’s yard, where the semi then became stuck and blocked the road for quite some time before fi- nally being pulled out.

Prayer request for David Schreiner who was involved in an accident Friday and was airlifted to U of L Hospital. Fifty- five- year- old Schreiner remains in critical condition.

Prayer list also includes Jo Ann Brown, Geraldine Burton, Vicki Lee, Karina Downs, June Clark, Kathy Beavers family, Kathy Fogle, the family of Jason Brown, Sharon and David Smith, Barry Adams, Becky Gordon, and ‘Newt Rod’ Newton, who a few months ago was picking up items that had fallen off his work truck on 245 on his way to his new job, and a semi hit him, breaking his leg. He has been in the hospital for several weeks, and then after many skin grafting and rebuilding surgeries has been able to come home. Due to his job being less than a week in, he had no insurance. Friends and family have been helping with his medical bills by holding benefit concerts and in the summer there was a ‘Poker Run’ that included not only motorcycles but cars as well.

That looks like I’ve got the news caught up. Everyone have a blessed and wonderful new year.

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