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Bardstown named ‘Beautiful Small Town’


I’d like to start off by announcing that Bardstown was chosen as “Most Beautiful Small Town in America” by Rand-McNally a few weeks ago.

This last couple of weeks has been one exciting thing after another, all of them not necessarily good, however.

U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie is planning a visit to the town to present a copy of the Congressional Record with the commendation to Mayor Bill Sheckles and Kim Huston, who is president of the economic development agency in Nelson County.

Judge Robert Heaton died after being taken to Flaget Memorial Hospital via ambulance after he collapsed in morning Mass within minutes of returning to his seat after his regular reading at St. Joseph’s Basilica & Cathedral on Monday July 16. It was the result of an unexpected heart attack and was a great loss to this community. Prayers are requested for the family and also town.

On July 26, a man robbed Busy Bee food mart with a pellet gun around 10:30. A lady who works with Howie was late getting to work due to police needing her statement as she was unfortunate enough to be there when it happened as she was en route to her third shift position.

It was later stated by the Kentucky Standard newspaper that the man, 27-yearold Nicholas Ballard, had been planning a shootout with police, however police found him at his mother’s home where he was arrested. The lady who had been delayed getting to her job said she saw him pull his shirt halfway off and use it to cover most of his face, however the clerk identified him as a man who frequently visited and shopped from that gas station.

If I might add, the next incident that occurred was on a similar lapse of intellect as a 17-year-old broke into Keene’s Depot, which carries a variety of hunting gear and guns. The juvenile stole several handguns. He was identified by the owner of Keene’s, who watched the surveillance videos and said he was the same young man who had been arrested for shoplifting weapons from the same store in May. This time he broke out a window while the building was closed. They found the boy at a local Super Inn and the sheriff knew where to find him because he had given the boy a ride back to the hotel a few hours before the robbery.

During his interview with police, he admitted to the robbery and led the police to where four handguns were recovered near the railroad tracks. However, seven handguns had been stolen and the remainder have not yet been recovered.

Another man, dubbed the “lawnmower bandit” was sentenced to five years in jail for theft after a man saw him carrying tackle boxes out of his garage. He dropped the tackle boxes and fled but was identified by his license plate as William Ballard. When police searched his home, they found tackle boxes, fishing poles, Weedeaters and lawnmowers that had been stolen.

On a lighter note, the hot weather is back but this time it is bringing storms and they’ve been rather rough, yet enjoyable to watch if you’re into that kind of thing. Friday night I was standing on my patio before the rain and saw a streak of lines of lightning go across the sky. It was a light shade of pink. Very pretty, but I went back into the house rather quickly and the huge raindrops came down fast.

School begins on Wednesday, August 1. The kids are glad to be getting back to their friends. They were rather bored at home and although they had activities to keep them busy and occupied through summer, there were days when they didn’t go anywhere and couldn’t or didn’t want to go outside and chose to torment one another. I’m sure this was happening in every home across the country as kids began to tire of not having the structure and disciplined schedule that school offers. They’re excited about the new teachers, open houses and seeing their friends as well as making new ones.

Please pray for Mary Lou Durbin and her family. Mary Lou’s sister died recently. Prayer list this week includes Kathy and Jr. Beavers, Kathy Fogle, Chester and Verna Rayburn, Sharon and David Smith, Nancy and Paul Kroll, Misty Ewing, Kacky and Johnny Tingle, Melvina Mattingly, Jim Hardesty, Denise and Jamie Hicks, LaTona Owens, Jennifer Brock, Larry and Shirley Downs and their son Craig Downs and his girlfriend Sherry Hoylman.

I also want to ask everyone to pray for the families of the vicitims of the Colorado shooting. I received a text message from Howie’s sister-in-law Rebecca Smith early the following morning letting us know that they were okay. That was not a theatre that they normally go to, however it was within 10 miles of Denver. Please pray for all involved or touched by this across the country. Such a tragedy.

I wish everyone the best and I will try to keep up the news. As most of you know, we’re planning our wedding to take place August 11. After that I should be able to find the time to sit down and write the news once a week like I am supposed to.

Wish everyone a safe and happy remainder of 2012.

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