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Bardstown school to finish May 25


Hello from Bardstown! We had a lot of sun, however the weather channel warned us of thunderstorms because of the 87 degrees we enjoyed on Sunday. Sunday was a very nice day, despite the heat. It was a wonderful change from the cold and the rain. Several kids in the neighborhood took the opportunity to play on a neighbor’s Slip- N-Slide.

David Gordon took his motorcycle to work on Monday morning.

Before I begin the news, I’d like to say late happy birthday to David Curry. He celebrated on April 7, when his friends, Phillip Clarkson and Jeff Lester, took him to Crickets to play pool and have a guys’ night out. It just happened to also be “Kids Karaoke” night at Crickets restaurant.

Also celebrating birthdays soon are Chad Stidham on May 8 and his uncles, Hassel Hampton, May 16 and, Teddy Sturgill, May 18.

The kids are out of school on May 25 at Bardstown City. However the sign in front of the high school says that the makeup days are going to be May 18 and June 5, 6, and 9.

The city was set to discuss whether or not Sunday alcohol sales would be allowed. Souvenir alcohol sales on Sunday and by the drink are already allowed on Sundays. A public hearing on this has not been set.

Bethlehem High School is having a super raffle giving away a 2009 Chevrolet Malibu or $20,000. Raffle tickets are $20 each.

Nelson County’s unemployment rate is the highest ever and seems to be growing every day. Several companies that have had to lay off workers are using staffing firms to hire temporary employees

Many spring events are underway and out-of-state license plates have been seen from as far away as Kansas and Texas. The bed and breakfasts are basically full any given weekend and just about anywhere in the city you can see people with maps. You can contact Bardstown Tourism by typing it into the search engine for those of you who have Internet access. I’ll be reporting on upcoming concerts and events as well.

Prayer list this week is Donna Heywood, Judy Branham, Jim Hardesty, Kathy and Jr. Beavers, Edith Beavers, Sherry Roberts, June Clark, Barry Adams, Marty Simpson, Jeff Lester, Sr., Bo and Rose Hardin, Julie Bradford, Tina Downs, Shirley Downs and Larry Downs, Joyce Downs, Rudy Brothers, and Ike Ferguson.

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