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Barefoot season starts with May

Easter Sunday and it has rained off and on all day, was so wet we had to forgo our egg hunt (boo-hoo), but we did have a great day. Bill and Redia came by after church, bringing dinner for the four of us.

Then later in the afternoon, three dear friends stopped by and stayed two or three hours, Darrell and Vivian Hall and Milford Clark. They, along with the late Phyllis Clark, were with us during the latter days of Bob’s illness and death. They were always there for us and that’s something one never forgets. All three belong to Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles, but it being Little Edna Church time, they attended there

Richard and Georgia came by Sunday evening bringing a pie, and I made a pot of coffee. All in all a wonderful and happy day. Northeast Ohio

Georgia told us about their two oldest granddaughters going on senior trips. Cassie Provoznic of Wellington, went to New York and Lauren Sergent of Lorain, to Chicago. A new and exciting experience for both girls.

Bill and Redia were telling us about a visitor at church who was from Deane. They could not remember his name, but his wife was in Cleveland Clinic going through some tests as she is in need of a liver transplant.

On Monday, all day it rained buckets and was so windy and cool. Not a day to be out and about, so I decided to do something constructive and the first thing to come to mind was cleaning.

On Tuesday, Red and I had early doctor’s appointments and got a great report. He told us we were still alive, and isn’t that fantastic!

On our way out and back (Avon), we finally saw spring. Tulips or orchid trees in bloom, redbuds starting to show off their beautiful raiment, umbrella trees all dressed in white or pink, trees starting to show off their different shades of green and the grass looking soft and lush. It was a temptation to kick off our shoes and go barefoot. Oh no, it’s too early for that, Mom always let us shed our shoes on May 1.

I called Sue Meade and found out the couple from Deane were Jack and Brenda Meade Fields. Brenda’s dad is Clayton Meade, of Deane. They were hoping she would be released today so they could be on their way home. There’s just no place like home, be it a shack up a hollow in the mountains or a castle on Knob Hill.

Brenda and Jack, I do hope everything goes well and our prayers are with both of you.

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures in the 70s and a light, warm breeze blowing. Shirtsleeve weather.

Wednesday, we had rains and storms with high winds and back to low 50s.

Tornado watches and warnings were out for here, there and everywhere. Luckily we were spared, but other places saw a lot of death and destruction. I really feel for them and think, “There but for the grace of God.”

I did a bit more cleaning, but my head didn’t want to behave. When I got up, it would seem as though the room was darkening. I finally gave up, took two Tylenol, a good two-hour nap and got up feeling much better. It’s just got to be a sign of the aging process.

Thursday was a sunny, windy, cool day. A bit of rain early morning but some severe winds and rainstorms the night before. Grass is now ready to mow, our rose of Sharon is showing signs of life, and Red said he saw a bit of mustard peeking out. I was so afraid it would all drown or wash away.

I called Ron and Johnell, and they are fine. No damage to their own or their children’s homes, but lots and lots of devastation throughout Alabama and several deaths. They are out of power, which will last several days, so they are taking an unplanned trip. I hope they have fun and will have power when it’s over.

Jeanie just called. Phil had his other eye done today. Phil, I’m proud of you as Christy heard from the doctor that you were a good boy. A blue ribbon for you.

Jeanie had company this week. Three beautiful ladies visited for several hours, bringing food and goodies. They were Dottie Kiser Bentley, Janice Jones Baker and Betty Sexton Rather, all former Letcher Countians. I have met Betty and Dottie, but am not sure if I’ve met Janice. Janice said she really enjoyed their visit.

She also said she and Phil went to a funeral home for the viewing of Bernard Rowe. His widow, Doris, worked with Jeanie at the telephone company many years ago. My deepest sympathy to Doris and all the family, my prayers are with you at this time.

Jeanie had talked to Henry Warren, who’s just waiting for a call from the Veterans Hospital for knee surgery. I sure hope he can make the Engle-Sergent picnic.

I hope and pray everyone in Letcher County is well and safe. Were there any bad storms around there? I sincerely hope not.

I just received a call from cousin Ollie Profitt of McRoberts. I just love talking to that girl. Fact is, I just love that girl. To me, she is still a girl though turned 73 on April 22. Belated happy birthday wishes, Ollie.

She said she would be having a busy day come Saturday with two showers to attend. One is a household shower for a relative, a nephew I think, and a very important one, a baby shower for a little granddaughter, Morgan Denise, whose arrival is expected in June. This will be the first child of her youngest son and wife. Congratulations to Benjamin Steven and I forgot to get his wife’s name. Shame on me!

I got another phone call, this one from Red’s niece Carleta. I really don’t think she is feeling all that well. She has trouble with her back and just had some shots to help with the pain. I sure hope it works, I do hate to know of her aches and pains.

I guess it’s time to close this chapter. So until next time, be well, be safe and have a fantastic day, week and summer. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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