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Barker/Hatton wedding took place in gazebo at lake house


Hello, everyone. Hope things are going well for all of you.

It’s such a beautiful day today – pretty sunshine and a good breeze blowing.

I forgot to mention a name in last week’s news. Zack Joseph, son of Jackie Joseph, also visited Clyde and his grandfather, James Breeding. I was glad he visited and I hope he will go again. Visitors are so important to all the patients there.

Louise Shepherd and Carol Day and also Shirley Breeding visited Clyde on Saturday. I was at the wedding of Andrea Barker and Jonathan Hatton at Sandra and Billy’s lake house on Herrington Lake. The wedding was beautiful. It was held in the beautiful gazebo there. There was a large crowd there and lots of delicious food and the decorations were beautiful. It was good seeing everyone there.

My son, Rob, and his children were there, son Dr. Kevin Hatton and wife Adrienne and daughter Rocki and husband Matt Hill, and also my son, Astor “Red” Hatton, and wife Rosemary and too many more to mention names. It was good seeing them all.

I rode down with Maggie Cook and Larry Hensley and also Teddy Jo Sexton and Marcella (don’t know her last name). I enjoyed all their company. It was a fun trip. We stopped at a great place to eat in Liberty. It was called Bread of Life, a beautiful place. Lots of people were there. It’s a popular place.

I enjoyed seeing all of Maggie’s children and grandchildren.

All of Billy’s children were there, Angie and Rich Mullins and children Sam and Ellie Beth, and Jamie and Julie Hatton and their very beautiful little girl, Anna. I think she was the star of the show. I think her other grandparents, Dianne and Dickie Adams, will agree. Of course Joseph Hatton was there. He is the only one of my grandchildren not married. I may take applications for him and get him married off. Just joking, Joe!

Clyde is doing better now after his stay in the hospital. He’s glad to be back at the Veterans Center.

Thank you, Emma Lou Engle, for the card and pictures. It was good hearing from you. I thought I would share the picture with our readers. I sure enjoyed seeing you and Anna Lea. I wish you still lived here.

Gerald Roberts has been gone on a mission trip for a week for the First Baptist Church. They went to New Orleans.

Peggy Ison called the other day. She had been visiting her dad, Coy Morton. She said he was doing fine and he wanted to know how Clyde was doing. That’s Coy, always thinking of other people. He’s a fine person!

My cousin, Kern Howard in Fort Wayne, Ind., is having health problems and needs everyone’s prayers. Hello, Kern and Ruby!

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week.

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