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Barn loft turns into clubhouse

Greetings to all from the Eolia Christian Community Outreach Center.

“Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you.” Psalm 55:22.

While the temperature has climbed this week and most of us have sweated and grumbled while doing outside chores, the heat seems to have little effect on kids and their ability to play outside.

To prove that point, Emily and Caleb spent several days clearing off one side of our barn loft so they could have a clubhouse. Our barn loft has doors that open outside, so for safety reasons we nailed lattice over them. For a while I had been planning to clean out that loft but just kept putting it off . But thanks to Emily and Caleb, my work is cut in half.

Now, anyone familiar with a barn knows how hot a loft can get at this time of the year. But that didn’t stop a couple of kids looking for adventure.

It just so happens while moving all that junk they came across a fan. You’d have thought they discovered gold. When finished they proudly showed me their accomplishment and I must say I was impressed. They had set up a table and four chairs, a pool table, several games, and some scatter rugs, and had a fan blowing around hot air.

I can remember as a child also playing in a barn loft, and what wonderful imaginary games my friends and I shared. Oh, the joys of youth.

Our walk-in freezer went down this week, resulting in the loss of several cases of frozen food, and then I discovered the air conditioning wasn’t working in the food pantry. Times like these make me want to go back to playing in the barn loft. But my Mama said there would be days like that, and not to worry because something bigger would come along and eat up these small problems. I’ve found that to be so true.

At a previous ECCO board meeting, Kester Halcomb was voted in as vicepresident. I’ve been working with Kess for some time on the Eolia Community Park Committee and appreciate his careful and thoughtful decision-making.

Also a word from the Arlie Boggs Family Resource Center: There will be a backto school bash at the Eolia Community Park Saturday, Aug. 7., from 3 to 6 p.m. Some of the events featured are free hot dogs, school supplies, fire truck rides, snowcones, bake sale, water slide, and a dunking booth.

With that I’ll leave you with this quote from Gigi Graham Tchividjian: “Weave the unveiling fabric of God’s word through your heart and mind. It will hold strong, even if the rest of life unravels.”

Community Bulletin Board – Bible study at the ECCO chapel each Monday evening 7 p.m.; Eolia Community Park Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month 7 p.m. at ECCO; ECCO Thrift Store open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Good News Club each Wednesday 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the Eolia Mission for ages 3 and up. Cumberland River Volunteer Fire Department meets the second Sunday of each month at 11a.m. at the Partridge station, volunteers welcome. Partridge Lions Club meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m., at the Ovenfork Senior Citizens Center. Come and bring a guest.

This week our prayer list includes Phillip McCray, Columbus and Lois Sturgill, Ronnie Morgan, Willie Perry, Hannah Burke, Judy McKnight, Richard McFarland, Don Brown, Raymond Kiser, Ralph Nease, Lucy Maggard, Stephanie Estep, Lillian and Nora Walker, Jack and Marie Snell, Don Billet, Sheldon and Marie Starr, Helen Chapman, and Brenda Gross.

Also to be lifted up are those enslaved by drugs and alcohol, may they be delivered; our troops in Afghanistan, and Iraq; the United States; our President and the leaders of our country; all the children hurt by war, and the ministry of ECCO.

Until next week from the folks at ECCO, “God bless.”

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