Whitesburg KY

Barn quilt squares still going up

Letcher County now has 74 “barn quilts” on display, and most every neighborhood has at least one. These beautiful works of art, painted by our very talented local artists, are being hung as a celebration of our quilt heritage. Letcher County is home to some of the most accomplished quilters in the world and we hope to honor them in this way.

A listing of the painted quilt squares by post office/ community of location is: Hallie: Campbell’s Branch Community Center 1; Blackey/Carcassonne: Stella Elam’s home 1, Blackey Library 1, Carcassonne Community Center 1, Deborah Fugate’s home 1, Benson Blair’s home 3; Jeremiah/ Letcher Area: Joanne Adams’s home 2, Peggy Blair’s home 1, Rodney Ison’s barn 1, Delana Banks’s shop 1; Roxana: Mitch Whitaker’s barn 1;

Whitesburg Area : Mountain Heritage Village 4, Crafty Cut-Ups Homemakers Club 1, Whitesburg City Hall 1, Harry M. Caudill Library 1, Rural Strategies Office 1, Whitesburg Post Office 1, Letcher County Extension Office 2, Mountain Vendor’s Mall and Nancy’s Cake Shop 2, Jim Webb’s home 1, Whitesburg & Letcher County Red Hats Group 1, Whitesburg Hospital 1, City of Whitesburg 1, Marsha and Carl Banks’s home 1, Westwood Entrance 1, Mountains of Scraps 1, Letcher County Veterans Museum, Beta Kappa Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority 1, Riverside Park 2;

Cowan Area: Billie Ann Gilley’s home 2, Virginia Brown’s barn 1, Randy Brown’s barn 1, Clayton Banks’s cabin 1, Ricky Lucas’s barn 1, Ella Preston’s home 1, Mary Lynn Richardson’s home 1, Edison Banks’s home 1, Cowan Community Center 1, Georgia and Bobby Phillips’s home 1; Ermine Area: Pine Mt. Craft Co-op 1, Ermine Senior Citizens Center 2, Gerry Haynes’s home 2, Gerry Haynes’s stone building 1, Letcher County Central High School 1; Eolia: Christian Community Outreach 1, Eolia Community Park 1, Beth Sexton Little’s home 1, Pat Shelton’s home 1;

Deane: Creda Isaac’s home 1; Millstone: Millstone Methodist Church 1; Seco: Vanessa and Charlie Hall’s home 1; Neon: Lillian Webb Library 1; Cromona: Etta Long’s home 1; Jackhorn: A & E Cabinet Shop 2; Jenkins/Payne Gap: Jenkins Public Library 1, Jenkins City Hall 1, Jenkins Hospital 1, Ked Sanders’s home 1, City of Jenkins 1, Little Shepherd Amphitheater 1, Jeff ’s Body Shop 1.

There is one painted quilt square called “Stained Glass” that is thought to be in the Carcassonne area, but we don’t have a location for it even after checking a number of people in that part of the county. I have a photo of it. If anyone can help us find where it is on display, it would be greatly appreciated.

If someone has a painted barn quilt square that is not included in the above list, call Ann Bradley at the Letcher County Extension Office at 633-2362. We don’t want to leave any off the list. Also, if you would like information on the type of plywood, paint recommended, etc., call 633-2372.

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