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Be prepared for next power outage

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and remembered what the holiday is all about. But even as I write this I am fully aware that far too many people would not even give it a thought.

To many, it is just a formality of exchanging or receiving gifts, and if they bought a gift they usually expect a gift in return of equal or exceeding the value of the gift they gave. In cases such as this, it is not giving, but a transaction instead, because a gift should come from the heart and not the wallet or purse.

Many people will max their credit cards at Christmas, only to spend the months ahead complaining and paying because they tried to keep up with the Joneses, as the old saying goes.

As I always say, the best present you can give anyone is love, which is shown and not just said, because words are cheap. But the love you show with sincerity is not cheap.

I hope people started the New Year off on the right foot, without sticking the proverbial foot in their mouth. Many use the upcoming year as an excuse to get soused, drunk in other words, or tipsy, or whatever one wants to call it.

Boy oh boy, you talk about pushing the panic button. I have really seen a lot of panic since Mother Nature gave us an extra-large helping of snow.

I am not a bit stingy and would gladly have given my share to someone else in need. I really didn’t think we would get so much, but I thought the same thing back in the ’80s and it snowed at least three feet before it quit. I’m afraid my weather predictions are not up to par. It has really been a mess for sure, and not many people were prepared for it.

There is really not too much a body can do these days without electricity. Many homes had food, but no way to prepare it. Even propane was in short supply as an emergency heat source.

Much of the power outages can and will be blamed on the power company, but much of it has to be blamed on property owners. They gripe and complain every time the power goes off, and yet they won’t let anyone cut trees which pose a threat to the power lines. I used to have trees that posed a threat, but now I don’t have them because I had them cut down.

I would like to personally thank all of the workers who worked long hours during the emergency situation in this area, enduring hazardous conditions, and also those who were patrolling the roads.

Emergency supplies should consist of drinking water, canned or dried foods, crackers which are an excellent dry food, a back-up heat source such as propane or the old faithful coal and wood stove, a light source such as candles, battery lights or kerosene and propane lights, but watch where you position them while in use, a CB radio or cell phone with an auto charger.

Don’t rely on a cordless phone because it only works when you have electricity. The phones that plug in to a wall jack will still work as long as the line is intact, because they have their own power source.

Last but not least, have a list of emergency numbers and a couple of lighters or matches. And don’t use up your drinking water trying to bathe, just stink like everyone else.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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