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Bean patch leaves arm, back aching

Howdy from Lorain, Ohio. I do hope this finds everyone is feeling perky and fit as a fiddle. Red and I are both moaning and groaning this morning.

We hoed our bean patch yesterday, all five short rows, and we aren’t used to too much physical work anymore. My arm aches and my back seems to have developed a kink. I suppose it could be old age? Nah, not me. Oh yeah!

I need to make a correction. In one issue of The Mountain Eagle I somehow listed cousin Versa Turner as deceased, but it’s not so. She is still alive and living in Highland Heights. I am so very, very sorry for any confusion this may have caused any of her family and friends. Forgive me, Versa?

Bill is now in the new store but still has a lot to do to get everything in order. Red and I would help, but would probably be more in the way than helpful.

I talked to Jeanie recently, and she has to be at the hospital by five thirty in the morning. I just hope and pray everything goes well and that she will have a speedy recovery. Hang in there, sis!

Georgia called and said she had to take Ricky to the emergency room. He was getting ready to put chlorine in their pool when the lid came off unexpectedly and he breathed in a goodly amount. He’s okay except for coughing, which the doctor said would go away in a few days.

Our great-grandson Dakota fell off a bike and broke his arm, but is doing well. I guess with 13 greats, bumps, bruises, scrapes and breaks can be expected, but one sure hates to hear of a little one getting hurt.

There were nine of us and I really don’t remember too many breaks, if any. Of course there were falls, scrapes and bruises, and the worst thing for me was toenails being lost. It’s a good thing they didn’t grow, else Indian Creek would have had a bumper crop.

Hello, Oma Hatton. I was really looking forward to seeing and visiting with you again. Maybe one of these days Red will feel like making a trip back to the mountains. Did you have breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill Saturday morning? Was my sister Anna Goins there?

You should see our mustard patch, or as Red calls it, “Your mustard patch.” He won’t claim any part of it. I have put some in freezer and right now have some cooked for Bill and Redia. I pick, wash, cook and chop and leave the rest up to her. I do believe I could pick every day and still not miss any. This year the leaves are so large, you can pick a mess in a short time.

Redia stopped by, picked up the greens and some dessert, I had made Jell-O with cottage cheese, Cool Whip and crushed pineapple,

EYE Care which can be either a dessert or a salad. While she was here a couple from Vermilion stopped by, Sonny and Ima Sisler.

Ima’s parents are Orville and Jeanette Fleming from around the Jackhorn area. They are having their family picnic this Sunday at Mill Hollow Park in Vermilion. We have been invited to join them.

The husband of a dear friend of ours was buried recently. His name was Doy D. Riff el, and his widow is Wanda Potter Riff el. Wanda’s parents were the late Bart and Ampel Potter, a couple we knew for years and dearly loved. Bart was moderator of several churches of the Old Regular Baptist Church. He was also assistant moderator of some. His wife was such a sweet lady and I do mean ‘lady.’ Wanda is a combination of the best of both parents and I love her dearly. She has my heartfelt sym- pathy and my prayers.

I would like to say hello to two really pleasant ladies in Clarkston, Mich., Clara Pfister and Norma Jean Breeding Logan. Both are Letcher County girls. Hello to a sweet lady from Erlanger, Kathy Huffman, also in Letcher County; Marie Johnson Boyd, Dante, Va.; Linda Mullins, Jenkins; James and Rosie Slone, Harrodsburg; and a big hello to everyone who just might be reading this.

I’ve got to get this finished, as Catharine isn’t working today. She traded her day off so she would be available to take Jeremy to the dentist. He’s having about five teeth pulled, so Catt will be showing up earlier than her usual.

Have a great day, a fantastic summer, be good to yourself and to one another, and share a smile and a kind word or a friendly hello.

Love and prayers to all. Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave,. Lorain, OH 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@ yahoo.com.

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