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Bear broke into screened-in porch


Hello everyone. I hope all had a good week. In the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, time went by slowly and now it seems to be going by quicker. I think having a routine which we do most days and makes time go by quicker.

Last Monday my “new” sewing machine was sitting on the kitchen table. Mike and I were putting up groceries. I got tangled up with the cord and pulled the cord out of the machine. I put the cord on top of the sewing machine. As I was walking to the door to go out to the car, I heard a crash. I thought Mike had dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce and I said, “What was that?” He looked at me and said, “your sewing machine.” One end of the cord had slipped off the machine and Mike got tangled up in the cord, causing the machine to fall off the table. We picked up pieces that were mainly from the bobbin area. I said I would put it together later as I wasn’t going to do it right then. I left to visit my aunt and then my brother. When I saw Mike, he said he had put the machine back together. I haven’t tried the machine yet but I sure hope it works.

Mike and I went to Menards in Florence one day. Mike found the doors he wanted as soon as we got to the doors section of the store. We bought items to finish the work in the bedroom.

As we were driving to Florence, we only had one scare. A vehicle with an empty trailer quickly switched lanes in traffic and came close to hitting us. If Mike hadn’t slowed way down, we would have been hit. One thing about living in Letcher County, we don’t miss the traffic.

Randy Brown saw a skunk one day. Apparently there aren’t skunks in the area and hopefully this one doesn’t plan to stick around.

John Campbell and his dogs killed a copperhead over the weekend. Luckily it was after I had left his house.

Seeing people I know when we are out and about is one of my favorite things. It makes me feel like I belong to the area. Mike and I were at Walmart one afternoon and I heard someone behind us go “Beep Beep”. I recognized the voice but didn’t know for sure who it was. It was my Uncle Bob Caudill. We stood and talked for a while. It was great seeing him as it had been a while. We were all wearing our masks.

I received a message from my nephew Curtis Ware of Philadelphia, Penn. He told me how much he appreciated the letters I have written him. I have written all of our nieces and nephews a couple letters during this quarantine.

Mike, John, and I were going to do the 127 Yard Sale this year. We had planned it since last year after we did the 127 Yard Sale. We all got concerned when the number of COVID-19 cases in Kentucky increased so we decided not to go. I hope we can go next year.

Laura Harris and her grandson Landon Harris of Lexington came in to visit Laura’s parents over the weekend. Her parents are Bob and Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan. They had excitement on Saturday night. A bear broke into Bob and Ramona’s back porch. The screens were torn and stuff was knocked off the shelf. Laura said she slept through it all. I did see the pictures that were posted on social media. I think a screened-in porch is too close.

That same night I was up late and heard John’s dogs barking. I went to the porch and opened the front door to see if I could see the dogs. I saw Buddy running from our garage towards the hill. I noticed lights on at John’s but I decided I would go to bed. As I got upstairs, I heard two shots. I woke Mike up and told him I was going back downstairs. I heard two more shots. I went to the enclosed porch and watched through the window. I saw a light moving around outside so I opened the door and yelled at John. He said he had heard a bear growl so he was shooting at the ground. We figured it went up the hill. Exciting way to end the day.

On Sunday we were all sitting in John’s yard when we heard the dogs barking. Buddy took off running towards our house. He was in the front yard where a bear from a week ago had walked through. We assumed that a bear was walking through there and Buddy chased it off.

Our sister Susan Ware of Lexington came in to visit for the weekend. It was good having her in for the weekend. We hadn’t seen her since Memorial Day weekend. This coronavirus keeps families apart longer than they want to be apart.

On Saturday evening we had a hotdog cookout in John’s driveway. Those eating hotdogs and marshmallows were John Campbell, Susan Ware, Laura Harris, Landon Harris, Gemma Bentley, Steven Bentley, Shyanne Bentley, friend Malakai, Mike and me. It was nice sitting out there. We looked at the stars when it got dark and just sat around and talked.

John, Susan, Mike and I ate breakfast at Pine Mountain Grill on Saturday. It was nice spending time together. The food was good and the company was great.

Debbie and Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg came in for the weekend. Debbie’s parents, Thelma and Glennon Ison of Flemingsburg, came in also. They all stayed at their place on Kingdom Come. We didn’t get to see them due to the coronavirus but they were close.

I didn’t feel the earthquake that started in North Carolina. My brother felt it and several people mentioned on social media that they felt it.

The weekly quote is attributed to Barbara Johnson: “To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.”

If you have any news please email me at Cowannews@aol.com. Thank you. Have a wonderful week and think positive thoughts. Be kind.

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