Whitesburg KY

Bear is seen on Little Cowan

Hello everyone.

I hope the heat hasn’t been too hard on you. We went to Pikeville on Saturday and the thermometer on the car dashboard said it was “93” degrees. That is hot!! We did sit out on Sunday afternoon under the trees with a nice shade and breeze. One day can make a difference.

Our tomatoes are doing great along with our strawberries. I’m looking forward to having strawberry shortcake when the strawberries are ripe.

With Memorial Day coming up and company coming, I want to finish planting all of the flowers. I have a lot of flowerpots that are still empty so this is going to be a busy week.

Laura Fields and Jeff Fields saw a bear on the bridge by Glennis and Charlie Little’s house on LIttle Cowan. Kathy Sword and Barbara Banks went by there about the same time and saw it also.

Sue Banks of Little Cowan has been in the hospital. She is hoping to come home soon. We hope she is feeling better.

Kendall Ison is now home after having leg surgery. He is enjoying being home and he does enjoy company. I’m glad he’s home and doing better.

Mille and David Banks of Little Cowan went to Johnson City, Tenn., this week. When they returned, they discovered that their STIHL SF 45 Straight Shaft weed eater was missing. If anyone saw someone around their home, please let Millie or David know. It’s sad when someone takes others’ belongings.

Jill Kent of Wise, Virginia, came in to visit her mother, Carol Caudill of Little Cowan. It was good seeing Jill at church on Sunday.

Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church will have church services next Sunday, May 26, at the Hop Gibson Cemetery on Little Cowan. Service will start at 11 o’clock and there will be dinner afterwards at the church. I remember having church service and dinner on the ground at the cemetery every Memorial Day. A lot of memories from the past.

My sister-in-law Cindy Wenning of Coldwater, Ohio, had surgery this week. She is feeling better but has a long recovery ahead of her.

Our son and daughter-inlaw, Brad and Becky, spent a few days in Gatlinburg, Tenn. They were with a Jeep group that did a long road trip into North Carolina. The pictures they posted were great. They had a wonderful time traveling back roads. When they got home, they sent a picture of a tornado that was in their county but not on the ground at that time. The tornado did hit down in West Alexandria, Ohio, which is about seven miles from their house, and it caused some minor damage. Ohio does get a lot of tornados.

I did go to the dentist this past week. I am not a good dental patient so I asked Mike to go with me. He sat in the waiting room and said he could hear me laughing. He thought it was a good sign that I would laugh with a dentist. It was my first visit with Dr. Roark and I think we’ll get along just fine.

We have motion lights around our house. Around 1: 30 Saturday morning, the back light went on and then off for a few times. We thought it was my brother’s dogs walking around the house, which was good. Then the light went on and off real quick several times. Mike went outside to the top deck to see what was out there. It turned out to be a leaf caught in a cobweb that was over the motion sensor on the light. Any little breeze would move the cobweb and cause the light to go on and off. It was funny at that time of the morning.

I have enjoyed looking at all of the graduation pictures. When I see a graduation picture and I still think that graduate should be ten years old, it surprises me. I hope all the graduates enjoy their graduation and that their future plans work out for them.

The social media quote for the week is: When passing by a stranger be sure to smile at them. You never know what kind of day someone is having and your smile can change their entire day.

Please send news to me at Cowannews@aol.com.

Have a good week and a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

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