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Bears are out and about on Little Cowan


Hello everyone — I hope all are enjoying the warmer weather we’ve been having. I do complain about the humidity but I enjoy the warmer weather. I love sitting on the screened-in porch and watching the birds and cars go by. CAT sits out there and watches the world.

The Letcher County Bookmobile comes to Little Cowan every couple weeks. I missed it this week. I hope to make the next visit. I need to write the date and time in my calendar. I’m old school and still use a calendar.

The Letcher Tourism group posted a digital Letcher County Visitor’s Guide on social media. It was interesting. I hope I can get a hard copy of this guide. I’m glad that Letcher Tourism developed the visitors guide.

Feel Better Wishes are being sent to Janice Wolod and Edison Banks.

Bears have been in the area. Ramona and Bob Caudill of Little Cowan had one in their backyard which they watched for a while. Janet and Johnny Napier of Little Cowan saw a huge bear around their place. Little Cowan Church had its garbage container knocked into the creek by a bear. The bears are out and about. Be careful about leaving food and garbage out.

My great-niece Anna Bledsoe of Berea came in for a visit. She stayed with her grandpa John Campbell of Little Cowan. Anna also visited with her great-grandpa Glen Brown of Whitesburg. Anna, John, Mike and I went to Pine Mountain Grill while she was here. We also played Catan. Anna just finished her second year at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. She is studying agriculture.

Debbie and Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg came in. Debbie’s parents, Thelma and Glennon Ison of Flemingsburg, came in with them. They all stayed at their place on Kingdom Come. Thelma and Debbie went to Sunday church services at the Hop Gibson Cemetery on Little Cowan.

I didn’t get a chance to see Aunt Thelma or Uncle Glennon this trip. I hope to see them the next time they come in.

Ella Fields Caudill said her brother and sisterin law, Dean and Kathy Fields, of Roanoke, Virginia, were in for the weekend. They hadn’t seen each other in a year. With the vaccines being taken, they were able to visit.

I did get an appointment at Reflections Hair Salon for a summer hair color. It looks great and I love it. Donna Watts is my cousin and she does a wonderful job.

I visited the Jenny Lea Academy one afternoon for a pedicure. I enjoyed that visit as Deidre did a good job. While there I was able to see two ladies get haircuts. I was amazed while watching the cuts. I saw years come off one lady with her cut and I told her it was a great cut. The other lady kept requesting a shorter cut and she was right. It was looking so good on her. Those two students will be good assets to a business someday.

Susan Ware of Lexington went to Orange Beach, Alabama for a few days. She went with Lori DeJesus of Lexington, Heilery Mefford of Seaman, Ohio, and Jaimie Mefford of Amelia, Ohio. They had a wonderful time. This is one of their favorite beaches.

Randy Brown of Little Cowan and Bob Caudill of Little Cowan took a fishing trip to Laurel Lake. They went for a few days. They caught a few fish and had a good time.

Mike and I went to Coldwater, Ohio over the weekend. We had a Wenning Family Get-Together. Our Wenning family Christmas party had been canceled due to COVID and this was our first opportunity to get together. We met in the park and had an excellent time. Since it was our first time together in over a year, I brought Christmas presents. I had been saving them since December.

We had two new babies in attendance: Lucas Wenning of New Bremen, Ohio and Abraham Snyder of Piqua, Ohio. They are cute.

We missed the three grandkids and families that were unable to attend. Hopefully they’ll attend the next get-together.

Those in attendance were: Curt Wenning of New Bremen, Ohio and Lisa Cadman of Michigan; Jeff and Cindy Wenning of Coldwater, Ohio; Kevin and Tina Wenning of Coldwater, Ohio; Brad and Becky Wenning of New Paris, Ohio; Mark Wenning of Monroe, Ohio; Scott and Lanie Wenning with daughters Sadie and Celeste of Lima, Ohio; Stephanie and Kyle Silver with children Will and Addison of Coldwater, Ohio; Matt and Christy Wenning with son Lucas of New Bremen, Ohio; Alex and Colette Wenning of Wapakoneta, Ohio; Kendra and Andrew Snyder and son Abraham of Piqua, Ohio, and Mike and Marty Wenning of Little Cowan.

Jeff, Cindy, Kevin, Tina, Mike and I sat in the park until dark. It was great spending time with the family.

Freddie Adams, age 60, of Ermine passed away on May 19, 2021. He is survived by his wife, Stephanie Adams of Ermine; his mother, Clara Neace Adams of Ermine; his sons, Benjamin Adams of Neon and William Adams of Lexington; his daughters, Sarah Collier of Jenkins, Ginger Harbuzinski of Tennessee, Elizabeth Mafnas of Tennessee, Freddie Adams of Neon, and Sierra Brock of Virginia; his brothers Anthony Bates of Alabama and Greg Bates of Cowan; and sister, Gina Fugate of Lexington. He had six grandchildren.

Condolences are sent to Greg and Laura Bates of Cowan.

As we were driving back from Ohio we decided we didn’t want to go through Cincinnati as it’s a mess with traffic and construction. We ended up on the bypass around Cincinnati. When we got back into Kentucky there was a state trooper parked behind a car with his lights on. Instead of giving a ticket, the state trooper was on the ground fixing a flat tire for the people in the car. That was such a good feeling to see.

Later while on the Mountain Parkway we saw several state troopers going the opposite way with lights and sirens and a police helicopter. It was interesting.

The weekly quote is attributed to Roy T. Bennett: “Life becomes easier and more beautiful when we see the good in other people.”

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Have a wonderful week and stay healthy.

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