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Beau Hatton wins gospel singing

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

I sure did enjoy the few pretty days. It was good getting outside and doing a little work outside. We are getting a lot of cold rain now. I guess it’s good we can’t decide the weather. It would probably be a mess.

We offer our sympathies to all the family of Darrell Sturgill in the death of his wife, Joanne. I’m sorry I didn’t get to the funeral

We had two funerals here, our very dear friend in our church Sis. Shirley Niece and our cousin Bro. Larry Hatton, who was our pastor for a long time before he moved to Indiana. He was the pastor of a church there that he owned, a very beautiful one that was doing well. He will surely be missed. I was so glad that about 14 of our church got to go to his funeral.

I’m glad Bro. Earnest Brock got out of rehab and is back home and is doing some better. He and his wife Kathleen both need to be remembered in prayer.

My great-grandson Beau Hatton, son of Chris and Sara Hatton, was in a state gospel singing in Campbellsville and he won first place. All of our family are so proud and happy for him. He is a senior in high school in Whitesburg.

It was so good talking to an old friend, Audrey Miller in Isom. We’ve been friends for many years and we hadn’t talked in years. I almost didn’t answer the phone call from “ Isom Bookkeeping”. I didn’t know she was still working. I’m so glad I answered. I was asleep when she called. We will be talking again. We went away back to our old times.

Judy Fields got to be with us in church last week. She is still in a lot of pain with her broken leg. We were sure glad to see her. She needs prayer.

So many people are sick. I met Lula Bell Caudill in Walmart the other day. She said her mother-in-law, Hazel Hart, was real sick and not feeling well at all. She has been sick for a long time. I hope she is feeling better.

I also saw Isabel Pease of Craft’s Colly. I hadn’t seen her in so long I mistook her for her niece Wanda, who is younger than her. That’s a compliment!

Our church really appreciated Ron Lester for working on our piano. He does a great job. We all like him.

I enjoyed lunch Thursday at Lee’s Chicken with my son Billy Hatton and wife Sandra. That is a very busy place. They always have a full house and good chicken!

I was pleased to get a call from my good friend Sis. Shelby Feltner of London. We sure do miss her at church since she moved away. She comes back when she can. She has health problems and can’t get out much.

The warm weather we had for a few days was so nice! I was getting some outside work done and then the rain came and stopped us for a while. I hope we can get back to it. It’s been nice today, but still a little cold. After all, it is March.

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