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Beautiful flower gardens on display in Bardstown


Wow! Is it ever a busy summer in Bardstown! I’m excited to tell that Goose Creek Symphony played at the J. Dan Talbot Amphitheater on June 16. Several other bands are in a lineup for the free concert series.

There is also a display of the beautiful flower gardens in the area. They are marked by a little flower sign shaped with a number in the middle. Those who are attending follow that trail. I took John to the emergency room for a sprained ankle that he got when he jumped out of the van and off some toys. We took time to look at the marked flower bed at Flaget Hospital.

There was also a parade that day and Kevin took the other kids to see it while Johnny and I were seeing a doctor.

The heat has been almost unbearable and even with a breeze there really isn’t very much relief because the breezes are hot since the air is hot. Humidity is keeping people in and one of my neighbors, who is elderly, has had issues with the heat and was picked up by an ambulance.

Some of the moms in the neighborhood have taken up the offer of the free lunches that are provided at the middle school during the summer break so they don’t have to heat up their kitchens and the rest of the house.

Belated happy birthday to June Clark.

Happy birthday upcoming to Inez Hampton and her granddaughter, Sarah Hampton, of Eolia, both on July 5.

Happy anniversary to my parents, Judy and Rick Branham, on June 22.

The Family Bowling Center is offering special group rates through the summer. Everyone is out and about to keep their kids busy and keep them from getting cabin fever through summer break until August 5. The cinema and skating rink are always crowded and the parks are nearly full at any given time of day.

The People’s Church is holding a fish fry every Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Girl Scouts will be having a pool party on July 12. Registration is currently open. The Lions Club is looking for new members and the Farmers Market is expanding.

The Kentucky Railway museum is looking for volunteers for A Day out with Thomas when Thomas the Train visits Kentucky June 27-29 and July 4-6.

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