Whitesburg KY

Beautiful singing heard at Little Pilgrim Church

Northeast Ohio

Howdy and a very good morning to all. It’s been cold, rainy and windy here in Lorain. The forecast is for maybe a few scattered snowflakes here and there.

I hope this finds all well and that you had a great week. Ours has been pretty good.

We got to go to Little Pilgrim Home Church at Ruggles. Not a huge crowd, but a good meeting with some beautiful singing. This being the third weekend of the month and most churches at a distance, we don’t try to go.

We’ve gotten several phone calls. Jean said they were coming for a short visit Halloween weekend, so he called Terri to confirm a date. She said they would be here October 30 and going back November 1. That is really a short visit, two nights and one full day. There will be four of them, Jean, daughter Terri, her husband Phillip and Lena. We’re really looking forward to their visit.

I called Jeanie, and her week had been a bit better than the one before, for which I am so thankful. Her family takes such good care of her. Phil himself isn’t all that well, but he does what he can. Good man that Phil, but that Christy is right there anytime and anywhere when they need her. My kind of girl!

Their son, Calvin, has taken a position for a company in Oswago, N.Y., and is in the process of making the transition. Best of luck to you and Mary, Calvin. And I do hope everything goes smoothly.

I’m still reliving my trip to Louisville, I’m just sorry I didn’t get to see cousin Greta (Taylor) Joseph, maybe next time. I also forgot to mention Oma Jean Taylor last time. Hello, Oma Jean, and I still love to hear you sing. She just opens her mouth and a beautiful sound just seems to soar heavenward.

I got a call from friend Colleen Craft in Fairland, Ind., and it sure was good talking with her. It seems she has been having a few health issues, but says she is much better now. Stay well, Colleen.

I talked to Georgia, and she and Richard and the rest of their family are doing OK. So far two of their granddaughters have gotten their driver’s license this year. Debbie’s daughter, Cassie Provoznic, got hers earlier this summer and Ricky’s oldest daughter, Lauren, got her last week. Drive safely, girls.

On our way to Ruggles, we saw a most wondrous sight, trees in all their autumn splendor, every color of the rainbow and then some. More colorful than around here. Being close to the lake we haven’t had as much frost. There were many shades of green, red and russet, from a pale yellow to a brilliant orange and shades of tan and brown.

As beautiful as it is, it just can’t compare to the mountains of Kentucky where the trees seem to go on and on forever, reaching all the way up to heaven. Here where there are no mountains, the trees seem to be in even rows with lots and lots of blue sky showing above, but wherever I see this it does my heart good as I do love the colors. I would love to make a patchwork quilt using each and every color.

My cousin Denver Profitt in Romulus, Mich., called, and that boy sure has been having a rough time health wise. He has been in and out of the hospital, but thankfully he is now feeling better, but weak. He has a wonderful caregiver who will do her best to make sure he takes care of himself and gets back to normal real soon. Yep, I’m talking about his wife Lorene. Love and prayers to the both of you.

I just talked with Redia. Their youngest son was visiting with his son Joshua. Steven is an over-the-road truck driver and is leaving on a bus in the morning, going to Little Rock, Arkansas, to pick up a truck.

I want to say hi to my grandson, David. who is also an over-the-road truck driver, and to our other grandson, Christopher, who drives for U.P.S. So I guess you could say all the Engle grandsons are truck drivers.

We love you boys and please drive safely. We’d love to hear from you sometime.

I haven’t heard from the rest of the Sergent family but hope they are all well and digging out their long johns for the winter weather that is upon us. Gonna get much colder and I’m sure there will be lots of the fluffy white stuff, course if it’s fluffy will make good snow cream.

Time once again to say so long until next week. Wishing everyone a fantastic week, stay well and share a smile with a stranger. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle @yahoo.com, (440) 233- 7548.

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