Whitesburg KY

Been gallivanting all over Letcher County

Southern Ohio

Hello once again.

Did you have a good and happy Independence Day, better known as Fourth of July?

I hope everyone is safe from the flashfloods that have been popping up all over the place. Several basements in this area have been flooded.

Thursday morning I left my house at five in the morning. This wasn’t a preplanned trip to the mountains. I had tentatively planned on going to the Smokies the weekend before, and didn’t go. So I had been invited to go to Nashville, and was so indecisive as to where to go or what to do.

My cousin Beverly Adams had sent me a notice that there was to be music at Calvary Campus. Sunrise Ridge Bluegrass Band which features Shawn Stamper, and daughter Whitney Stamper, Taylon Combs, a good fiddle player Elias Collett and Jack Adams, were going to perform, and Will Caudill & Route 7.

7th South Bluegrass band was scheduled, some of the band was on vacation so their show was cancelled.

The music was really good.

Bessie Shepherd stopped by for a little bit to catch up with me.

I wanted Jerry and Mattie to go, but Jerry’s feet are swollen so badly and he is very unsteady on his feet so he was afraid it was too difficult for him to go.

Jerry and Mattie invited me to stay with them instead of staying at the motel, but I am restless and I am awake at all hours of the night plus I am awake at the wee hours of the morning.

I am much more comfortable staying by myself, that way I don’t feel as if I am bothering anyone.

As I was in the motel reading The Mountain Eagle, I laughed out loud though I was alone as I read Oma Hatton’s column, saying she needed roller skates to keep up with me.

Oma had no way of knowing that I was actually within walking distance to her so bright and early.

Friday morning, Bessie Shepherd and I set out on what turned to be an all-day adventure. Bessie took me to visit the Coots Cemetery on Big Branch. Bessie had been wanting to go, and didn’t know how to get there.

Bessie took me places that I had never been, and actually she hadn’t been either.

While we were out gallivanting we went up Ingram’s Creek. Bruce Jones, I almost stopped to see if you had something good to eat cooking.

As we passed my sisterin law Wanda Hall’s house, I had to bite back the tears. Wanda has the most beautiful butterfly bush in full bloom at the side of her house.

There was Richie’s dog King in the doghouse. Richie loved that dog.

While I was at the graveyard it was a very emotional time for me. This was the first time that I have been to my sister Loretta Church’s grave as I had no way to get there when she passed away.

To look at the graves of my great-grandparents, my parents, and three siblings was just about more than I could stand without letting Bessie see me crying like a big baby.

July 4, Daddy has been gone 30 years; July 6, my brother Wallace Lee had been gone 2 years.

I loved and I miss Wallace Lee and my sister Loretta, and there are times I want to pick up the phone and ask Richie something or to tell him something so badly.

Even with the heartache and memories, it was a fun day. We had an early supper at Pine Mountain Grill. I had never eaten there, and it was nice and the food was good. While at the Grill there were two couples that came in. I was being my usual mischief self, teasing everyone, and I met the sweetest young woman who owns the bakery in Whitesburg. She was a delight to talk to.

Friday night, Sunrise Ridge Band was playing for a private party and cookout at Carr Creek Lake. James Stamper Shawn’s dad has a houseboat on the lake.

Bev Adams and Shawn invited me so Bessie, her friend Irene and I went there. I can say I danced on a houseboat, and was it rocking!

It really was a very good, relaxing time. I met Kim, who is Shawn’s beautiful sister, along with several others.

The food looked delicious, though I had eaten earlier and didn’t even sample the cornbread salad that everyone said was really good.

Thanks for the invitation.

Sunrise Ridge has released its first CD, and it is really good.

Taylon Combs has such a beautiful and clear voice as she belts out, ‘You Will Never Leave Harlan Alive.’ Taylon is a beautiful young woman, and as I sat there and really listened to the clarity of her voice, my heart overflowed with pride to be a part of this.

Saturday morning, I decided to wait until Jerry and Mattie were up before I started on way home. I called Oma Hatton, and she must have been busy as there was no answer.

I went to Golden Apple and really enjoyed being there. The girls who work there are always so friendly.

I stopped by the Farmers Market in Whitesburg and was sort of disappointed, as not many had participated in this event.

As I was checking out things and was leaving, the beautiful woman who owns the bakery stepped out from her booth teasing me, as she recognized me from the Grill. That really made my day.

I wish I had more time, as there were two guys playing old-time music. I didn’t get their names, but one is a manager at WMMT, and the other owns the tattoo parlor.

Pam, I did talk to someone who had tattoos! I will say one thing, that they both are good musicians.

I stopped by WMMT to talk to Barefoot Nellie and her husband, as I had been listening to WMMT since Thursday when I got close enough to pick it up.

I hope that Rural Route 2 Bluegrass Band from Rising Sun, Ind., will send a CD there.

Gary Eldridge, who picks with RR2 Bluegrass Band, joined the musicians at the MAC in Prestonsburg. I am sure that Gary and everyone had a good time.

Gary attended the Whitaker family reunion in Somerset this past weekend.

I am going to send Barefoot Nellie a CD of Ma Crow & the Lady Slippers.

When I finally got to Jerry and Mattie’s, they were sitting on the porch waiting for me. It would have been much easier for Mattie and me had they been asleep as they had bought a new canopy swing.

I made a remark to Jerry, saying that if it would fit in my car, I would bring it home with me.

After a lot of aggravation, it was taken apart and in my car, and I was on my way. I have been told that I would do like the ‘Beverly Hillbillies’ and tie something on top of my car and haul it.

Give two hillbilly women a screwdriver and pliers, and see what can be accomplished. I used a ruler to measure inside of my car as my back seat folds down. Everything fit perfectly.

Things haven’t been to good at Johnny and Ann Calihan’s as she spent a night at the hospital. Ann has been sick for two months now,

I forgot to mention last week in my column that Ann’s side of the family had reunion in West Virginia. Even though Ann was very ill she decided to go.

Over 50 of the family got together. There’s no way I would try to mention names, although I do know that Bill and Jean Ison were able to make the trip. Jean has been having some health issues also.

Ann was really too sick to give details, but all the family enjoyed plenty of good memories and though Ann was sick I know she was so glad to be with her family once again.

Hayward Day, I hope you and that beautiful daughter Kim, who looks like her mama, are doing alright.

Gwen Huff Farmer, I still hope to see you before cold weather hits us again. I hope this rain doesn’t affect your garden.

On my return trip back home, I stopped at the Georgetown rest area to walk a little. I called my dearest friend Pat Wagner, who had given me ‘what for’ as she thought I was traveling in all the rain that was falling in Ohio. The mountains had sunshine, at least for a while.

I asked Pat if she would have her husband Les Wagner to come and get me, as I was tired. Les is always worried about me traveling. Pat and I had a few good laughs and then I was on my way.

Larry Hasty must have gotten jealous as he made a fast trip to the mountains too. Larry had to go on some business, and had I known he was there, I would have surely gotten a free meal.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone: 513- 367-4682

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