Whitesburg KY

Before we can turn around, Christmas and winter will be here


Hello, everyone. I hope you are all doing well. We are in the middle of July now, time is sure going fast. I hope everyone is enjoyed their summer. Before we can turn around, Christmas and winter will be here. Gardens seem to be doing well.

It was good seeing Roland Brown in The Mountain Eagle office the other day. These old Marlowe people are like close kinfolk.

I was sorry to hear of the death of Jr. Ray Thomas in Indiana. It seems like such a short time ago he was a young boy living with his grandparents, the late Polly and Dan Thomas.

I was also sorry to hear of the death of Anna Ruth Donnelly. After reading her obituary in the Eagle, I realized I knew her parents, the late Norma and Riley Mullins who lived in Marlowe when Anna Ruth was a small girl.

Ruby Nell (Stidham) Combs sent me a picture of another Marlowe girl. Do you all remember Ruthie Mae Marcum? She is the daughter of the late Julie and Noah Marcum. They had a large family. She started school at Marlowe and then went to UZ and then on to Dry Fork. She lived with Mildred and William Floyd Mercer and attended Whitesburg High School, moved to Indiana in 1958 and has six children – three girls and three boys – and 14 grandchildren. She has been a widow twice. Now she is married to Bob Rudd, who was from Thornton and still has relatives there.

Her address is Ruth Rudd, 1700 N. 900 W 27, Converse, Ind. 46919-9537. Some of her old friends may want to get in touch with her.

I appreciate my pastor, Bro. John Conn, and Bro. and Sister Butler and Bro. Eugene Noe going to visit Clyde, and also a girl from Letcher Manor, Clyde’s very good friend, Amber (don’t know her last name). She found his John Deere blanket (his security blanket) and took it down there to him. He was so pleased. He loves that blanket! Sandra and Billy Hatton made it for him. I’m going to go up and thank her personally for that. We thought we would never see it again.

Our church, Whitco Pentecostal Faith Church, is having homecoming this week. We invite everyone to come be with us. Bro. Wendell Pittman is our evangelist.

I attended a birthday party Saturday evening along with three great-grandchildren, Beau, Brooke and Gracie Hatton, for my great-granddaughter, Ellie Beth Mullins, her third birthday. It was a great party, lots of people, lots of gifts, and great food and swimming for anyone who wanted to swim. It was good seeing Marie and Gillis Reedy and lots of Mullins family and Hattons all there. It was good seeing everyone. I enjoyed myself even though I wasn’t a little kid. Lots of grownups were there. Beau, Brooke, and Gracie sure enjoyed it and didn’t want to leave.

Sandra and Billy Hatton left after the party and went to their lake house on Herrington Lake. They love it there; so does everyone else that has ever been there.

They had a big cookout and singing at Cram Creek Church. Kevin Spencer’s cousin, Charlene, and her family were the singers. She is a great singer and everyone enjoyed it.

Dorthy Tacket and her daughter, Jeanette, went to Pine Mountain Grill for lunch the other day and met her sister, Pearl Noble, coming out. She had a late breakfast.

I went to the Ermine Center on Thursday to see everyone. They are always doing something or going somewhere. That is so good for the older generation and also the younger ones. It keeps them in touch with each other.

We have so many folks who are sick. I hope they will soon be better.

I didn’t have much news this week, but everyone seems to like the pictures.

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church this week and smile, God loves you.

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