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Partly sunny

Being retired means you take trips, you don’t take vacations

May is off to a wonderful start. I have some of the prettiest tulips this spring. They are purple and white striped. I planted them after we moved here and they came up. My snowball bush is full and beautiful. The crepe myrtle bush is starting to bloom. I still have flowers to plant but everything blooming looks great.

We hired a young man named Malachi to weed eat around the yards. He did an excellent job. He told my brother he would come help with anything we need. I was glad to hear that.

With the hot weather, we have had our air conditioning on. It’s more for the humidity and it feels good. One thing about Wyoming, there was no humidity but there was always a lot of snow.

May 2 was the 16th anniversary of my mother, Emma Lou Campbell’s, passing. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. I have seen a lot of cardinals around lately and that is supposed to mean that a loved one is checking on you. I have always thought that was a positive idea. I like knowing that loved ones are still around.

Several daughters of the late Nelson and Phoebe Fields had a sister trip to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Those on the trip were Katherine Hoskins, Ella Caudill, Juanita Caudill, Janet Napier, Libby Honeycutt, and Helen Roberts. The pictures they posted were fantastic. They really had a good time together.

Mike, John, Faye, and I ate dinner at the pizza place downtown. When we walked in, we saw a cousin, Jeff Vice of Flemingsburg. He was with David Holbrook of Kingdom Come. It was good seeing Jeff and meeting David. The pizza and company were good.

Edwin Caudill of Grundy, Va., visited his sister and brother-in-law, Anna and Duane Yonts of Little Cowan. It’s good to keep up with Edwin on Facebook.

Mike, John, Faye, and I did the 20-mile garage/yard sale trip through Colson and surrounding communities. There weren’t as many garage/yard sales as we expected but we did get some great deals. We thought the chance of rain kept the participation down.

On Saturday morning as we were leaving, Buddy (brother’s dog) came out from under the house. We think he stayed under our house all night. It’s a nice feeling to know a dog is watching out for us.

Being retired means you don’t take vacations, you take trips. Mike and I took a trip to the ocean. On our drive we went through a small town that was having a strawberry festival. The parade had just ended and there were people and cars everywhere. It took 25 minutes to get through that town. There were more people walking around than houses in that town. I love watching people at festivals, they seem to be happier.

While on our trip, we ate dinner at a Calabash restaurant. As I was eating mashed potatoes, a crown fell off a tooth. I now have a crown wrapped in a napkin in my purse. I see a trip to the dentist in my future.

Here is the list of May birthdays. I know I don’t have them all, so I wish all May birthday recipients a happy birthday. Please send me any birthdays/anniversaries you want mentioned.

May 1 – Mark Miles, May 2 – Judy Sigrest Allen, May 4 – Cara Eskew, May 4 – Eli Gordon, May 6 – Michael Marr, May 7 – Sherrie Brown, May 7 – Robert Caudill, May 9 – Brie Decker, May 10 – Rusty Akers, May 17 – Kevin Day, May 18 – Helen Scott Tolliver, May 19 – Wes Yonts, May 22 – Mike Harris, May 25 – Gail Brewster, May 27 – Hannah Harris. May 28 – Brad Wenning, May 29 – Doug Caudill, May 30 – Amie Daniels

Last week I wrote about an email I have received from Bennett and Ellen Welch. I tried to attach the April 1944 Mountain Eagle article to my article but it didn’t work. Bennett went to the Mountain Eagle office and turned in the article so it could be put in the column.

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The social media quote of the week is: “Be the same person privately, publically, and personally.”

Have a wonderful week.

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