Whitesburg KY

Benefit held for Campbell’s Branch Community Center

A big thank you to everyone. Campbell’s Branch Community Center had its first-ever benefit for the community center on Saturday, May 5.

They got many donations of many useful items from many people.

We had several people come out and help clean the building and the grounds. Rowena Boggs, Josh Collins and Larry Eldridge weed-eated in the rain and trimmed the trees; Roger Back, Lila and Carolina Stines helped carry the brush away.

We had candidates who came and helped clean the building — Mickey Stines, Kenny Anderson, Mike Watts, Terry Adams, Bert Slone, Renee Campbell,

Roger Back, Ricky Rose, Cheddy Smith, Kenny Whitehead, Clifford Fields for Wayne Fields, Tee and Darlene Campbell, and Alice and Fred Campbell, who work there every week.

Some of the candidates were just there visiting. Lorraine and Evalee Caudill worked. They do so much for the center.

Lila and Caroline Stines, Vanessa Adams, Larry Reams and Darlene Campbell all worked to make this happen.

There are so many people who helped with this benefit. I cannot tell each of you thank you, but you all from the Friday night regulars, to the candidates who we want to come back and visit, to the new visitors, thank you all.

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