Whitesburg KY

Bennett and Linda Combs are the winners of longest marriage prize


Seems like I don’t have as much news as I used to. Not as many are coming or going like we used to have and they are truly missed.

Several attended church at Little Cowan. We are all excited about having the Association this fall as I have said before. I think some are already making reservations.

Elder Brad Dutton and his wife of Louisa attended church on Sunday. It’s always good to see them. After church we had dinner and birthday cake in honor of Brother Johnny Banks’s birthday.

We are really having nice summer weather. Everything is pretty and green and people who are blessed to have gardens are having vegetables from them. I really miss our garden since Bert has been gone.

Carl Bennett and Marsha Banks enjoyed a nice visit with Dr. Greg Carvetti and Missy in Chicago and reported a nice time. I really enjoyed my visit with them a few years back. You can see why many went there to live. Greg is from Chicago.

Watson Combs of Louisville, Elizabeth Combs Looney and granddaughter Emma of Ohio visited with their brother, Bennett, and Linda Combs of Ice and attended the Adkins family reunion. Bennett and Linda got the prize for being married the longest.

Happy birthday to Ramona Combs Finchum and Michael Finchum’s daughter, Callie, on August 27. She will be 10 years old.

Robert Bennett Crawford was baptized last Sunday in Mt. Vernon.

Let’s all pray for the students and teachers, and all who are involved with the schools and also our college students who will be returning to classes soon.

Laura Harris and girls, Hannah and Cassie, along with Ramona Caudill spent the week at Panama City Beach, Fla. They enjoyed the beach, seeing sights and shopping. They returned home Sunday afternoon, happy but tired.

Erce and Sylvia Sturgill of Ohio have been with Bert and Zelma Lou Banks for two weeks. They, along with David and Millie Banks have been helping renovate the rental house. Bert and Lou really appreciate them all.

Hope all is well. Love and best wishes.

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