Whitesburg KY

Bennett and Linda Combs mark 54th anniversary


Linda Combs and Yvonne Sutphin visited their aunt, Thelma Cook Bays, boys, and her husband, Hubert Bays, in Andrews, S.C. They are doing fairly well. They have a beautiful home close to his daughter, Mary Ruth, and her family.

Happy birthday to Callie Finchum on Aug. 29. She is Bennett and Linda Combs’s granddaughter.

Bennett and Linda celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary on Aug. 25.

Happy first birthday to Alex Brown, a son of Kevin and Denise Brown. Also, happy birthday to Amber Combs on Sept. 16. She is David Combs’s daughter.

The Indian Bottom Association of Old Regular Baptist Churches was held at Sassafras this past weekend.

David and Jennifer Combs vacationed last week in Myrtle Beach.

Regina Crawford vacationed in Florida and reported having a good time.

Happy birthday Sept. 2 to Don Walker of Naples, Fla.

Happy birthday to Dana Walker and daughter Kim, also of Naples. Our prayers are with both of you.

Charles and Faye Banks had a most welcome guest last weekend. Faye’s sister, Iva Clark, came in with Irene Betz, a lifelong friend they grew up with. They were in for the Hatton reunion at the Cowan Community Center. There were a lot of people there from everywhere. They had lots of good food and desserts. A good time was had by all catching up on old times. They are looking forward to next year’s reunion.

Iva came to church with Faye and Charles. Elsie Banks was really happy to see her. She used to be her neighbor and was so good and helpful to her when she was taking care of her mother and daddy when they were old and sick.

The Cowan Community yard sale will be on Little Cowan this Saturday. The Little Cowan Ladies’ Bible Study will be participating at the home of Linda Lucas. A soup bean dinner and hot dogs will be available at the home of Patsy Adams off of the Town Hill Road.

Starting Wednesday night and through the weekend will be the union meeting at the Little Cowan Church. There will be different visiting ministers each night. We expect a good time.

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