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Mostly sunny

Bentleys are missed

There’s not much going on at the Ermine center this month, but I thought I’d write a few things anyway.

Our friend Jack Stallard fell and broke his hip and leg. He had surgery at UK and is doing well now. We hope to see him back soon.

Joe Bentley and Doris certainly are missed. They were so faithful. We hope to see them again soon. We are praying for his recovery.

We went to visit our son, Charles ‘Chuck’, who lives in Moraine, Oh. He has cancer, but is having a good time now. It was so good to be able to spend time with him and his family. God has been good to him since he was diagnosed with fourthstage renal cancer over a year ago.

Debbie Adams is back to work at the center. She had been sick for awhile. Anna King is still off work since her surgery. Our workers are all good to us.

Prayer list: Joe Bentley, Jack Stallard, Martha Harris, Ruby Caudill, Patty Majority, Ralph Collier, Jeanette Cook.

Thought from Daily Bread: “We can endure anything if we depend on God for everything.”

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