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Berea hosts band competition

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Happy Halloween everyone!

It has been so beautiful the past few weeks I hate to see the leaves fall and the trees so bare. One month it will be Thanksgiving, which means Christmas is just two months away and snow will be falling. People are talking about decorating their houses for Christmas. I want to just say oh, please wait until we have Thanksgiving.

Several years ago my husband and I came through Knoxville, Tenn., the first part of October. It was a beautiful sunny day, and men were decorating the town with Christmas lights. I guess that is the true meaning of making hay while the sun shines.

Saturday, I had the utmost pleasure to spend the day with my youngest daughter Anna Nottingham and my grandchildren, and a few minutes with my son-in-law Scott. Scott and Anna are both involved with Beechwood Marching Band as Sarah has been in the band for quite a few years now.

Sarah is 16, a junior in Beechwood High School, and plays saxophone. Jessica is 12 and is in the junior high school band. Beechwood was in a band competition, which was held at Berea. It was a beautiful day.

Anna left early so we could stop in Berea in the Old Town part. It had been several years since I had been there, and was a first time for Anna. After shopping a little we had lunch at a pizza place, which was very good. I would have liked to have taken Anna to Boone’s Tavern, but since we had three kids I thought it best to forgo that idea. Actually the food was good at the pizza place.

We finally made it to Madison Central and had a very enjoyable evening watching all the competition. Harlan High School and Hazard were in the competition, along with several other bands. Williamstown is going to be the biggest competition for Beechwood to compete against. Good luck to everyone.

I am so proud of Scott and Anna for being so active in this. I didn’t realize what all they do. Scott pulls a trailer with his truck along with another dad who does the same. Plus they rent two Penske trucks.

Anna has the SUV loaded with coolers of water and snacks she has prepared for the band members, plus she has extra things for the members including extra black socks in case someone has forgotten. She keeps spare personal items for the girls such a hair accessories, and tells them where the items are.

It was 2 a.m. before I got home, tired but very happy that I had gone.

Due to health reasons I haven’t really done too much this summer, including bluegrass music. I would have gone to Blackey Days, if I had to roll in a wheelchair, and I would have danced at least one dance or two, had I known it would be my last.

I especially enjoyed the dance in the rain under a streetlight, thanks to Ricky Caudill.

Happy birthday to my daughter Anna Nottingham Nov. 3; happy birthday to Shirley Wells’s daughter Loretta Baggett, also on Nov. 3, who is the exact same age as Anna. Happy birthday to my niece April Elswick, Nov. 3.

Happy anniversary Les and Pat Wagner, who will be celebrating 52 years of happiness on Nov. 3.

Larry Hasty is doing a little better with his hip. He still can’t bear any weight on it, which is almost impossible to do.

I hope to see Les, and Pat along with Larry, Becky and the gang Monday night at Hunters Pizza as Tony Hale and Blackwater will be playing there.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I hope you are doing alright as I seem to neglect you every so often.

Well once more I have let time slip away.

Until next time.

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