Whitesburg KY

Berma Matthews visits sisters, brother


What a beautiful weekend we had last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Those 70-degree temperatures on Friday and Saturday were just wonderful. Even though the rain set in on Sunday, it was still a mild day.

Delana Caudill Eldridge was baptized as planned at Blair Branch Church and, despite the drizzle of rain, it was a beautiful baptism. Her large family was so happy for her, as were we, also. During the Easter weekend Berma Whitaker Matthews went to Michigan to visit her sisters, Glenda and Muriel. They were both doing pretty well. She also visited her cousin, Sheila Smith, who took off work to be with Berma. They all enjoyed Berma’s visit and I’m glad she enjoyed her trip north.

On the way up to Michigan Berma stopped at Dayton and visited with her brother, Olan.

Bill Halcomb of Ohio came in last week to put out a garden at his old homeplace at Linefork. He was pleased to have Dick Adams, Lance Breeding and some of the Cornett boys all helping him. I believe they might have done most of the work, which didn’t hurt Bill’s feelings. I think it made him happy.

He attended Blair Branch Church on Saturday evening and invited us to Goshen, Ohio, to the Northern New Home Church where he belongs. It’s a good place to go if you like to travel or live in that area and want to see other hometown Kentucky folk who moved north to hunt for work.

A couple of late anniversary wishes to Roland and Ruth Ann Brown and Burnett and Geraldine Caudill, all of Doty Creek.

There will be a community yard sale at Blackey on May 2, beginning at 9 a.m. Lots of neighbors up and down the Blackey Street will be involved.

We sure do appreciate those from the Whitaker Bank who picked up litter in the Jeremiah and Isom area. It’s a hard job, as some of us who have done it know from experience.

I don’t know why anyone would just throw trash out of their car windows when we have such good garbage pick-up here in Letcher County. Why don’t they care enough for the area to take it home and put it in their trash? It’s such a bad reflection for our entire area to see all of the roadside litter done by a few who have no respect for the beautiful area in which we live.

That’s it for now. Have a good week and maybe the weather will be nicer since dogwood winter should be gone by the time The Eagle comes out.

The dogwoods are lovely and really turning white in the last few days. Get out and enjoy them, for soon they will be shedding.

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