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Bernice Hampton celebrates 70th birthday


We hope that Allen and Ruby Meyers’s granddaughter is doing better. She has been very sick with Crohn’s disease.

Betty Hatton wants to wish her sister Bernice Hampton a late happy 70th birthday. She celebrated on Oct. 9.

Our mountains have been so beautiful with the colors of fall. It seems the leaves changed overnight, and before you know it they will have fallen off.

Lots of people were out enjoying the fall leaves on Little Shepherd Trail at Pine Mountain this past weekend.

A few weeks ago the children of Benton and Oreva Back went to Michigan to visit with their cousins. Lindsay, Sandra and Elaine made the trip together and enjoyed seeing their kinfolk and being together.

Mary Helen Blair went with her sister Bulah and Bulah’s husband and Larry Blair to visit their brother Ebb in Ohio.

After visiting Ebb and his family, they also stopped in Indiana to visit Mary’s son Enos and his family.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Geneva Adams, who recently died. She was the widow of Herman E. Adams and the daughter of the late Arthur and Helmer Adams of Blair Branch. Her funeral was held at the Blair Branch Church recently.

A large crowd of family and friends came out to pay their last respects and to mourn with her family. She leaves three sons and their families, and a large host of brothers and sisters and others to mourn her passing.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore and Roy Kenon and Billie Smith all spent a few days last week in the Smoky Mountains. They reported the trees were beautiful and they had a good trip. Tommy Harris Smith, Mary Jo Blair, Jack Pinyerd, Benji and Donna Smith recently went to Liberty to the Sorghum Festival. They ate lunch that Mary Jo had packed for a picnic beside the road, and also drove on to Middlesboro and went through the tunnel before heading back home.

Awhile back, Lana Pridemore, Arnetta Mae Slone and Pam Blair all went to Michigan to visit William ‘Dee-Dee’ Stamper. It was a quick but enjoyable trip. Happy birthday to Tammy Adams, Gillis Reedy and Hoover Holcomb, who recently celebrated birthdays.

Ellis and Ila Adams had an anniversary on Tuesday. Ila’s sister Kathy and her daughter took Ila and Tammy out for dinner last Friday.

Mr. Brown’s funeral was held Friday night at the Blair Branch Church. He had died in Indiana and leaves a large family to mourn him.

We are all very concerned about Travis Morton, who is having health problems again. He is in our prayers, and also his family is in our thoughts.

It was a shock to learn that Charlie Whitaker had died. He was such a talented and well known and loved fellow, and will be missed by so many people in the community and throughout all the surrounding areas where he taught classes and sold his crafts.

It’s not often you can find someone who could make everything from small wooden flowers to beautiful dulcimers and also call square dances. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

Last Saturday Bob and I and Don and Coreen Pridemore enjoyed a trip to Nicholasville to see Jessie and have a nice dinner and trip.

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