Whitesburg KY

Bertha Dye doing spring cleaning

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and enjoying this nice weather. I am! I’ve not been anywhere or done anything.

I enjoyed getting a call from my friend Bertha (Page) Dye. She has been real sick and in the hospital. She lives in Prestonsburg. She is doing so well she is doing her spring cleaning. It makes me tired just thinking about it. Does that mean I’m lazy? I have to admit I’m guilty. I try to find other things to do.


Yesterday I found an old album I had made when I was writing for the late Mary Majority in 1988. She got sick and her eyes were so bad she couldn’t write and I did it for her. Reading it, I could see it was much better than it is now. Then everyone called me and gave me all their news. I went to Senior Citizens and got all their news and I was out more and meeting people, which I don’t do now. Most of the people are no longer with us.

I miss going to Senior Citizens. I think I’ll go back. At my age, I don’t drive much and my car is 16 years old. It still has my name on the plate and a picture of my beloved pug dog, Jazzy, that passed away. My brother Hillard Howard gave her to me. I had always had a pug dog for many years and loved them all ‘til they all passed away. No more pugs for me!

My news is all so boring now, I’m surprised anyone reads it. No one calls me and tells me news, and instead they do Facebook and everyone else all knows it. I can tell by the other writers they get the same thing.

When I can’t go, I use my telephone and love to get calls and see people. People don’t visit much. I see people at church or in grocery stores, Walmart, drugstores and a visit every once in a while. I guess I’m old fashioned and haven’t changed with the times.

Today is my great-grandson Beau Hatton’s birthday, Feb. 20. He is 19 years old. Just because I have a greatgrandson that age doesn’t mean I’m old, does it? I don’t think so.

I thought of another young fellow, Joseph Cornett, who had a birthday on Feb. 8. I was a baby-sitter for him when he was learning to walk. He was a beautiful baby and I’ve heard he is still good looking. I’d like to see him. He doesn’t live far away, still close to Whitesburg.

My brother Hillard Howard and wife Joyce have gone to their lake camper in Tennessee to enjoy this pretty weather.

I hope Bro. Billy Conn and wife Belinda are doing better after having a bad car wreck on their way back from Texas and a revival there.

My son Rob is planning on going to Lexington next week to visit his children, Dr. Kevin Hatton and Rocki Hill, and their families. He’s really looking forward to seeing them. It’s been a while. He had to get over his hip surgery and I’m sure Rob and Gaby will enjoy it.

We still have a lot of people who need prayer, my sister Louise Shepherd, Bro. Ernest Brock and wife Kathleen, and my pastor Bro. John Conn’s wife Alicia, who had surgery. I haven’t heard how she is doing.

I hope Rose Ballard is doing better. She seems like she is having a hard time. I know it’s hard for her.

I’ve had to miss church because of the weather and I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone. I haven’t been seeing anyone except Larry and Linda and Billy, who stops by when he gets a chance. I’m going to get out more since the weather is getting better. I don’t go off this hill when there is snow and ice. I just make sure I have lots of food in the house. I have a habit of eating. We have had so many funerals of our friends and I couldn’t go.

I haven’t heard how Anabel Wright is. I hope she’s doing O.K. I haven’t heard from Iva (Absher) Cheatham for a while. I hope she and her son Jack are doing better.

It must feel like spring. Lots of folks are getting out and going fishing. I got a glass of tea and went out on my porch to enjoy, but I got cold! The weatherman says 65 degrees, it must be me. I’ll try again tomorrow.

I felt like I needed to be talking so I thought of Lizzie Mae Wright and I called her. We can always think of things to talk about. We talked a good while and I surely enjoyed it. I told her I was thinking about going back to Senior Citizens. I need to be doing something since the weather is getting better.

My great-grandson Beau came down and visited for a while. I don’t get to see him much since he’s going to college. I’m glad he goes here at home. He’s in photography and doing real well at that. Did I tell you all my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren are real smart? I didn’t think so. I wouldn’t want you to think I brag.

I’ve tried all day to talk to my brothers and sisters. Couldn’t reach anyone except my brother-in-law Bro. Earnest Brock. His wife had gone to the beauty shop.

I’ve worked outside a little while the weather is good. I love doing that.

I hope everyone is well and doing good. May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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