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Mostly clear

Beshears had $166,224 in joint income last year


Gov. Steve Beshear and his wife have publicized their 2010 state and federal income tax returns that show they had a joint income of $166,224 last year.

Beshear released the documents Tuesday showing that he and his wife also reported $19,000 in charitable contributions.

The governor said he considers it imperative that those who seek the state’s highest office are completely open about their income, expenses and financial dealings. He said releasing income tax returns is one way to reassure the public that candidates have nothing to hide.

Beshear is seeking reelection this year, though he’s unopposed in the Democratic primary.

Republican gubernatorial candidates David Williams and Phil Moffett have refused to release their income taxes. A third GOP candidate, Bobbie Holsclaw, has released hers.

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