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Best times were when visitors came by


I can hardly believe another year will soon be gone. Time goes by fast and especially as you get older. People are busy in various ways as Christmas is the most celebrated time of the year, as it should be.

So far we haven’t had any really bad cold weather. We miss seeing a lot of our people who aren’t with us anymore. It makes a difference in the joy we once had, but the reason for the season remains the same and there will always be a Christmas.

Several attended church at Little Cowan on Sunday and we missed those who were absent. It was pretty cold and a little snow was on the back porch.

This is a busy time of the year. People don’t have much time for visiting or talking on the phone. We were always used to having people come by and I guess some of our best times were when neighbors and friends and relatives came by for a visit. We always had a lot of company and many times we didn’t know they were coming. We had better things to eat then than we have now. We had our own fruit trees and bees and all kinds of good food. Much of the honey was sold.

We are sorry about the death of Mrs. Colleen Brashears of Big Cowan. She had been in poor health for some time. She was a kind and friendly person and she will be sadly missed by her family and neighbors and friends. Our sympathy to all her family.

We all miss our loved ones who have passed away and especially at Christmas time. They are gone from our homes but not from our hearts.

Several members of the Boggs families, Esther Corello and Mohn families went to Louisville this past weekend for the dedication of the James Earl Mohn Memorial Building located at the Hazelwood Center for Mentally Challenged and Handicapped. The Hazelwood Center did not have a chapel for the residents and as it is a statefunded facility, the state would not built a chapel. It became a vision of Kelly Boggs, the administrator, to build one. With the help of James Earl Mohn and his ability to raise funds, they were able to complete the building. This past week, because of his hard work and dedication to the project, the building was named the James Mohn Memorial Building in his honor.

Congratulations to Carroll and Ruth Shackleford’s daughter, Debra Gibson, who graduated from Southeast Community College. Also, congratulations to their granddaughter, Mary Pike of Vine Grove, who graduated cum laude from graduate school.

The Cowan Homemakers met at the home of Virginia Brown. They had a delicious lunch of Christmas goodies. Instead of exchanging Christmas gifts, they brought food for the Food Pantry and poinsettias for the sick members. Members shared interesting and inspiring poems and other readings about Christmas.

Cowan residents had a happy surprise when they were visiting by carolers from the Cowan Head Start. The children sang really well and were so cheerful and well behaved. We enjoyed them a lot and appreciate the good work the Cowan staff and volunteers are doing.

The cousins had their Christmas get-together with their Aunt Virginia. Though their number has diminished, they still cherish their times together.

I will close with love and best wishes to all.

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